Assistance, Dubya style

August 2005

Medical help is disappearing, and it hits me, hard. In 1995 I developed full-blown AIDS, and in 1997, the Department of Labor and Industry (L&I, which administers workers’ compensation) accepted… Read more »

Dirty deals broker U.S. passage of CAFTA

October 2005

At three minutes past midnight on July 28, the U.S. House of Representatives passed CAFTA, the free trade agreement with Central America and the Dominican Republic that has been vociferously… Read more »

Crony capitalism — the only kind there is!

December 2005

Campaigning in 2000, George W. Bush promised to bring integrity to the White House after the scandal-plagued Clinton-Gore years. “In my administration,” he promised, “we will ask not only what… Read more »