Seattle homeless camp weathers many storms

February 2009

On a bitterly cold Sunday evening in December, a heavy snow blanketed the pup tents that tightly packed the parking lot of University Congregational United Church of Christ in Seattle’s… Read more »

Standing up for the evicted and the homeless

April 2009

On Friday, Feb. 20, the four-generation family of Carolyn Connolly was evicted from their foreclosed home in Miami-Dade County, victims of a fraudulent refinancing scheme. The next Monday, alongside members… Read more »

Single-payer: a healthy start

April 2009

Working people in the U.S. have long demanded changes to a medical system that places private profit before their health needs. But now that the failing capitalist economy itself is… Read more »

GM predicament not so complicated

April 2009

Auto giant GM’s problems are not nearly as complex as the pundits and politicians and economic wizards want us to believe. Saving GM senior management and bondholders’ wealth is the… Read more »

Blacks and joblessness: the toll of racism

April 2009

The U.S. economic upheaval – the worst since the Great Depression that began in 1929 – is destroying jobs, housing, retirement plans, healthcare, education and social services at every level…. Read more »