The bogus Working Families Flexibility Act: GOP takes aim at overtime pay

August 2013

The only thing that’s flexible about the Working Families Flexibility Act is the choice that private-sector businesses have to wield even more power over working people. Being sold as “family friendly,” the bill is part of the Republicans’ two-pronged larger goal to win back female voters and to erode the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act…. Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor

October 2013

ENVIRONMENT Appreciate analysis I really appreciate the articles that have been appearing of late on the environment by Mark Drummond [Extreme energy, Vol. 34, No. 2; Global warming and the seas, Vol. 34, No. 1]. I always learn from the matters I want to be informed on, and having his Marxist perspective is invaluable. Please… Read more »

Unions demand: bail out Detroit, not the banks

October 2013

Workingclass Detroit residents are continuing to combat Gov. Rick Snyder’s grab for political power and public wealth. In July, Snyder’s handpicked emergency manager Kevyn Orr directed the city to file for Chapter 9 — the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. This is Orr’s latest effort to use Detroit’s $18 billion debt as a means… Read more »

Soapbox: Your mind, privatized

December 2013

I am a practicing neurologist. To me, the brain is the most fascinating entity in the universe. A physical structure which enables us to manipulate tools and communicate using language, it also allows us to rationally probe the unknown and progress in our ability to satisfy human and planetary needs. It is the most advanced… Read more »

McJobs — not lovin’ it. Young workers mobilize against low pay and few prospects.

December 2013

Pundits define the Millennial Generation in the U.S. in contradictory ways: narcissistic but community-driven, entitled but civic-minded. Educated and technologically savvy, the children of baby boomers were predicted to bring productivity and creativity to a changing economy — and the corporate fat cats were readying plans to cash in on a rising new consumer base…. Read more »

Greek austerity and the plight of women

February 2014

On my way to Greece in September 2013, I expected to see boarded-up shops and people sleeping on sidewalks. Greece was the first country to fall victim to vicious austerity actions when the global recession hit in 2008. But I was frankly stunned at how grievously government budget cuts have pummeled Greek society, especially its… Read more »

Detroit: ground zero for the battle to save public sector benefits and pensions

February 2014

There is a bad moon rising in Detroit and workers and retirees saw it coming. Republican Governor Rick Snyder appointed “emergency manager” Kevyn Orr to oversee a coup d’état of city government in March 2013. Orr, a former lawyer with Jones Day, a long-standing firm representing corporate interests, delivered the next blow by forcing the… Read more »

Boeing and government officials extort major concessions from angry machinists

February 2014

If anyone wasn’t already convinced that the profit system is rotten to the core, the underhanded wresting of major concessions from the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) of Washington state should do it. The Boeing Company had the chutzpah to demand the pensions and more from its workers, and billions in tax… Read more »