A crucial time for the free press

June 2020

Truth-telling, independent media is acutely threatened. We are very grateful for your generous support of our FS spring fund drive.

Shout out to intrepid women warriors

June 2020

The global upsurge of feminist organizing the past few years is stunning. Numerous organizations across the Americas, Europe and beyond are in border-busting collaboration.

Empower workers, not profiteers

June 2020

The government’s chaotic response to Covid-19 proves that working people, not millionaires, must run the economy.

Mexican women strike over femicides

April 2020

Following an International Women’s Day march, millions of women struck against the unchecked murders of sisters, mothers and daughters.

Fall of the Berlin Wall, 30 years on

December 2019

It wasn’t really about the “death of communism.” It was about the failure of Stalinism, to which capitalism has hardly been an answer to celebrate.

Hillary Clinton conjures up a new “red” threat

December 2019

On the centennial of the Palmer Raids, Clinton is reviving commie baiting by calling Green Party leader a “Russian asset.” Warning to all lefties — beware of embedding with Democrats!