End the Zionist genocide in Palestine

Summer/Autumn 2009

Arabs observed a bloody anniversary around the globe in 2008. Sixty years earlier, the Settler State known as Israel was founded on stolen Palestinian lands. Al Nakhba, (the catastrophe) was preceded by years of terrorism by organised Zionist gangs. The Palestinian people are in exile or else trapped in two enclaves, the West Bank and… Read more »

Greek uprising sparked by Neoliberal policies

Summer/Autumn 2009

A police bullet killed 15-year-old Alexandros Gregoropoulos in Athens in early December. His death sparked a huge outpouring of anger from Greek youth that continued into January. However it was not the root cause of the uprising. That was revealed on December 10, when a one-day General Strike against government economic policy paralysed the country…. Read more »

Stopping sexual harassment is union business

Summer/Autumn 2009

Sexual harassment remains a serious problem in Australian workplaces. In 2008 the Australian Human Rights Commission conducted a telephone survey, speaking to 2,500 workers aged between 18 and 64. It found that 22% of women and 5% of men have been sexually harassed on the job. The last survey of this type, conducted in 2003,… Read more »

Thai “democrats” are anything but!

Summer/Autumn 2009

Late last year, the TV news beamed dramatic images of thousands of yellow-cladprotestors from the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) bringing Bangkok’s airports to a standstill. The story centred on 250,000 stranded travellers and a tourist industry in chaos. Analysis of what was happening and why was slim pickings. Democracy sidelined. Far from being a… Read more »

Will Obama change U.S. foreign policy?

Summer/Autumn 2009

Hope soared worldwide at the election of Barack Obama as the first Black president of the United States. Emerging now is the sobering reality of his political direction. Yes, the threatening visage of the U.S. empire may slightly brighten, but its predatory actions will remain the same. Photo from whitehouseprotest.org Neoliberalism, the unhindered operation of… Read more »

Lex Wotton jailing is an outrage!

Summer/Autumn 2009

The 24th of October 2008 goes down as a shameful day in Australian history. On this day, an all-white jury found Lex Wotton guilty of riot with destruction. When Lex was sentenced two weeks later, supporters from around the country rallied outside the Townsville court. He was sentenced to six years’ jail with a minimum… Read more »

Olympic games: An expensive imperialist spectacle

Winter/Spring 2008

How much is an Olympic gold medal? Not the token itself, but the cost of training and maintaining the winner. About $40 million, based on the last 35 years of government funding for so-called “elite” sports. A bronze is a bargain, coming in at only $16 million! It’s important to remember that this funding goes,… Read more »

Bankrupting Dissent

Winter/Spring 2008

The federal minister for destroying the environment, Peter Garrett, has made a series of outrageous pro-business decisions, including approval of the Gunns pulp mill near Launceston, the dredging of Port Phillip Bay and a desalination plant near Wonthaggi. All three projects pose considerable risks to the environment and have led to the formation of local… Read more »

Election result will not improve life for Thailand’s poor

Summer/Autumn 2008

Thailand has a turbulent political history — it has seen 24 prime ministers and 18 coups in the past 75 years. On 23 December 2007, voters again went to the polls but the result, a strong vote for the People’s Power Party (PPP) that gave it the most seats but left it just short of… Read more »