Australia must pay reparations for stolen East Timor oil

Winter/Spring 2004

The relationship between Australia and the newly independent nation of Timor-Leste is a classic case study of imperialism. The imperialist nation claims to be motivated by “humanitarian concerns” and “generosity” for its poor neighbour while blatantly plundering its resources. The dependent nation is expected the to be grateful for Australian aid, even though the amount… Read more »

Queer liberationists take on Bush’s war machine!

Summer/Autumn 2003

Congratulations to the Melbourne Pride March organisers for moving beyond party themes, choosing the more political “Peace through Pride.” Adopted by InterPride, the international body for Pride March organisations, this theme is a reminder that queers don’t exist in a bubble. Jerusalem’s first Pride march last year rallied for “Love without Borders.” In an inspiring… Read more »

Standing in solidarity with Muslim women

Summer/Autumn 2003

Bush’s “War on Terrorism” has the sickening stench of racism — as wars for profit always do. In the previous world war, Uncle Sam saved “Western Civilisation” from “Asian hordes.” Today, he’s going after “Islamic terrorists” from the Middle East and Asia. According to Fred Nile, Christian fundamentalist Member of Parliament in New South Wales,… Read more »

When in doubt, blame the driver: the scapegoating of Patrick Fernandez

Summer/Autumn 2003

Danger signals. A red traffic light means stop and wait for green, but not on the railway! Many travellers died before signalling regulations were imposed. The idea was that only one train could be in one section of track at one time. Not in Australia! Although there are stop signals, drivers are authorised to pass… Read more »

East Timor: A victory to celebrate and a struggle ahead

Winter/Spring 2002

When the Freedom Socialist Party established a branch in Melbourne in 1983, one of our first affiliations was with the Australia-East Timor Association. Nineteen years later, we were overjoyed to join with the tenacious people of East Timor, their allies in the Indonesian democracy movement which booted out the dictator Suharto, and hundreds of thousands… Read more »

ALP must NOT fudge on mandatory detention

Winter/Spring 2002

The ALP leadership is tying itself in semantic knots. It now wants to politically distinguish itself from the Coalition over refugee policy while at the same time continuing to support the mandatory detention of asylum seekers. During the last Federal election, the Labor Party vowed it would be more effective at securing Australia’s borders than… Read more »

Howard’s agenda for Indigenous people is assimilationist

Winter/Spring 2002

Aboriginal leaders are right to be outraged by the Howard Government’s blatant ideological assault on the right to self-determination. At the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Policy Conference last March, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Philip Ruddock announced a five-point plan which essentially blames Indigenous people for their own oppression. Ruddock lambastes Aboriginal organisations for… Read more »

Fully paid maternity leave now! Women must not fund motherhood

Winter/Spring 2002

Australia and the United States are the only two wealthy countries which do not provide a national paid maternity leave scheme. Compare this to Haiti and Jamaica, where women not only have this right, but employers pay for it! The lack of paid leave means that for two-thirds of working women, the “choice” is simple:… Read more »