East Timor: A victory to celebrate and a struggle ahead

Winter/Spring 2002

When the Freedom Socialist Party established a branch in Melbourne in 1983, one of our first affiliations was with the Australia-East Timor Association. Nineteen years later, we were overjoyed to join with the tenacious people of East Timor, their allies in the Indonesian democracy movement which booted out the dictator Suharto, and hundreds of thousands… Read more »

ALP must NOT fudge on mandatory detention

Winter/Spring 2002

The ALP leadership is tying itself in semantic knots. It now wants to politically distinguish itself from the Coalition over refugee policy while at the same time continuing to support the mandatory detention of asylum seekers. During the last Federal election, the Labor Party vowed it would be more effective at securing Australia’s borders than… Read more »

Howard’s agenda for Indigenous people is assimilationist

Winter/Spring 2002

Aboriginal leaders are right to be outraged by the Howard Government’s blatant ideological assault on the right to self-determination. At the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Policy Conference last March, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Philip Ruddock announced a five-point plan which essentially blames Indigenous people for their own oppression. Ruddock lambastes Aboriginal organisations for… Read more »

Fully paid maternity leave now! Women must not fund motherhood

Winter/Spring 2002

Australia and the United States are the only two wealthy countries which do not provide a national paid maternity leave scheme. Compare this to Haiti and Jamaica, where women not only have this right, but employers pay for it! The lack of paid leave means that for two-thirds of working women, the “choice” is simple:… Read more »

Assisted Reproductive Technology: The new pro-choice battleground

Summer/Autumn 2002

It seems the Liberals’ desire for Australian women to have more babies only applies to some women! During the last Federal election campaign, Prime Minister John Howard announced plans to introduce a baby bonus tax incentive to reward women who have a baby and then give up work in order to stay home and look… Read more »

Execution stopped! Redouble the fight to free Mumia!

Summer/Autumn 2002

We join with supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal the world over in celebrating the 18 December 2001 ruling which removes the imminent threat of the African American journalist’s execution. The decision is a crucial turning point in the fight to reverse this 20-year frame up, although Mumia is still far from free. The ruling by U.S…. Read more »

The right to dissent — use it, before we lose it!

Summer/Autumn 2002

Alert! The Howard government plans to use the climate of fear resulting from the September 11 attacks in the United States to follow the lead of Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the U.S. It plans to introduce repressive laws designed to outlaw dissent. They must be stopped. Cabinet has announced draft Australian legislation… Read more »

New Palestinian leadership needed to counter Israeli State Terrorism!

Summer/Autumn 2002

During the first year of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, sparked on 29 September 2000, 560 Palestinians — 472 of them civilians, including 140 children — were killed by the Israeli army and settlers.  According to the Red Crescent Society, more than 15,000 Palestinians were also wounded, and 25 people died at border check points while being… Read more »

The Ombudsman must go!

Winter/Spring 2001

The Victorian Ombudsman, Dr Barry Perry, has produced a disgraceful report, giving police the green light to bash protesters who participate in mass blockades. Nine months to the day after the brutal assault by police on those protesting the World Economic Forum meeting, the Ombudsman presented his initial report in State Parliament. On the fundamental… Read more »