Say No to Deadly Tasers

Summer/Autumn 2010

In December 2008, the Victoria Police shot 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy dead in a Northcote skate park. The agitated teenager, distressed by the anniversary of his father’s death, was the youngest… Read more »

ALP resorts to genocide

Winter/Spring 2009

If Indigenous Australians hoped to see a significant change with the election of the Rudd Labor government at the end of 2007, they’ll surely be as disappointed with the new… Read more »


Winter/Spring 2009

Rudd’s ETS: A lot of hot air! Climate emergency. Here’s a tip. You can safely ignore anybody who claims that the warming of the planet’s oceans and atmosphere is a… Read more »

Will Obama change U.S. foreign policy?

Summer/Autumn 2009

Hope soared worldwide at the election of Barack Obama as the first Black president of the United States. Emerging now is the sobering reality of his political direction. Yes, the… Read more »

Lex Wotton jailing is an outrage!

Summer/Autumn 2009

The 24th of October 2008 goes down as a shameful day in Australian history. On this day, an all-white jury found Lex Wotton guilty of riot with destruction. When Lex… Read more »