For self-defense against neo-Nazis

April 2017

Anybody with an ounce of sense defends themselves from neo-Nazis — in word and deed. So when Alt-Right Milo Yiannopolous and fellow thugs descended on the University of Washington and… Read more »

Mexico in rebellion

April 2017

After decades of U.S. imposed neoliberal austerity and destructive free-trade agreements, Mexico’s working class and indigenous peasants continue to struggle at a feverish pitch. And how could it be otherwise?… Read more »

George Bush: our CIA man in the White House

June 1989

From 1989, after George H.W. Bush became president, a Freedom Socialist editorial that reminds people of his murderous crimes as CIA chief and warns of dangers to come.

Aboriginal Hip-Hop promotes pride

Summer/Autumn 2010

Resistance, survival and pride are themes inseparable from hip-hop music produced by Aboriginal Australians. While most recordings are self-produced disks unavailable through mainstream retail outlets, at the grassroots the scene… Read more »


Summer/Autumn 2010

Unionism is not a crime! Drop all charges against Ark Tribe now! It’s a bloody disgrace! Unionist Ark Tribe will be back in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on 15 June… Read more »

Say No to Deadly Tasers

Summer/Autumn 2010

In December 2008, the Victoria Police shot 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy dead in a Northcote skate park. The agitated teenager, distressed by the anniversary of his father’s death, was the youngest… Read more »

ALP resorts to genocide

Winter/Spring 2009

If Indigenous Australians hoped to see a significant change with the election of the Rudd Labor government at the end of 2007, they’ll surely be as disappointed with the new… Read more »