Will Obama change U.S. foreign policy?

Summer/Autumn 2009

Hope soared worldwide at the election of Barack Obama as the first Black president of the United States. Emerging now is the sobering reality of his political direction. Yes, the… Read more »

Lex Wotton jailing is an outrage!

Summer/Autumn 2009

The 24th of October 2008 goes down as a shameful day in Australian history. On this day, an all-white jury found Lex Wotton guilty of riot with destruction. When Lex… Read more »

Anti-war veterans speak out

Summer/Autumn 2009

In 1918, on 11 November at 11.00 am, the guns of the Western Front fell silent. The first global war ended after millions had perished. On November 11, 2008 the… Read more »

Bankrupting Dissent

Winter/Spring 2008

The federal minister for destroying the environment, Peter Garrett, has made a series of outrageous pro-business decisions, including approval of the Gunns pulp mill near Launceston, the dredging of Port… Read more »