Of Town Camps and Uranium Mines

Winter/Spring 2006

When Central Australian Prosecutor, Nanette Rogers, appeared on the ABC’s Late Line program in May, she described in shocking detail sexual assaults and domestic violence being perpetrated in Aboriginal communities…. Read more »

Our Work Choice: Strike or be crushed!

Winter/Spring 2006

It’s taken no time for the Howard Government’s so-called WorkChoices laws to bite, revealing the savagery of the corporate attack on our wages and conditions. As soon as they were… Read more »

Mobilise now to kill the anti-union bills!

Winter/Spring 2005

The June 30 union and community demonstrations against Howard’s planned Industrial Relations laws were magnificent. The Melbourne rally drew 120,000. More than 100,000 participated across New South Wales the next… Read more »

Break the blackout on repression in Nepal

Winter/Spring 2005

Democratic rights suspended. The people of Nepal are locked in a battle to restore their basic democratic rights. On 1 February, King Gyanendra abrogated the constitution, declared a state of… Read more »

Standing in solidarity with Muslim women

Summer/Autumn 2003

Bush’s “War on Terrorism” has the sickening stench of racism — as wars for profit always do. In the previous world war, Uncle Sam saved “Western Civilisation” from “Asian hordes.”… Read more »