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Freedom Socialist editorial: Quebec student victory against the odds

October 2012

A SUSTAINED AND MIGHTY student strike movement in Quebec has brought down a provincial government. Running on a law-and-order platform, the defeated Premier Jean Charest and his party specifically targeted the students’ militant campaign against massive tuition hikes. Not only did the right-of-center Liberal Party lose after nine years in power, Charest lost his seat… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial: Chicago teachers make their mark

October 2012

THE CORPORATE “education reform” juggernaut, kept rolling by President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and fully endorsed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, looked unstoppable — until it ran into 26,000 striking Chicago educators. “The strike challenged both the education-for-profit agenda and today’s carefully cultivated climate of public-worker-bashing,” says Freedom Socialist Party presidential candidate… Read more »

Ethnic studies victory in Arizona

April 2013

At long last, a blatant right-wing lawsuit against Mexican American Studies in Tucson, Ariz. has been thrown out of court. Its primary targets were teachers Sean Arce and José González, who organized a dedicated defense against the racist Tucson school district. They need help raising $8,200 in unpaid legal fees. Donations can be mailed to… Read more »

City College of San Francisco coalition takes off

April 2013

Campus and community organizers have joined forces to stop the fraudulent accreditation process threatening to shut down City College of San Francisco (CCSF). The meeting to launch the Save City College coalition attracted hundreds who packed the Mission campus in the heart of the Latino community. Over 200 concerned students and community members attended the… Read more »

La educación pública está en juego: Lideres y falsos lideres batallan por la escuela secundaria Crenshaw

junio de 2013

La escuela secundaria Crenshaw en el Sur de Los Angeles, integrado mayormente por estudiantes Afro-Americanos y Latinos, está al frente de una batalla nacional para preservar la educación pública. La escuela nació en los años 60 durante el Movimiento por los Derechos Civiles, cuando la comunidad luchaba por obtener una escuela secundaria en este vecindario…. Read more »

City College of San Francisco: What strategy will defeat the privatizers?

June 2013

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) has been attacking California community colleges since 2001. In July, 2012, it bombarded City College of San Francisco (CCSF) with austerity demands and closure threats. An interim chancellor and the Board of Trustees endorsed ACCJC’s business-oriented vision and immediately began budget slashing. But faculty, present and… Read more »