Solidarity letter for the striking students of Puerto Rico

May 27, 2010

One Struggle! One Fight! Education Is A Right! We, the members of the Student Worker Action Team, the Academic Workers For A Democratic Union, the Third World Assembly, and the Graduate Student Organizing Committee at University of California, Berkeley, as well as the members of Student Unity Power and International Socialist Organization at Laney College… Read more »

¡Solidaridad con la justa lucha de estudiantes y el pueblo puertorriqueños!

mayo de 2010

El pasado martes 18 de mayo la isla de Puerto Rico vivió su segunda huelga general, ya que en octubre del 2009 se realizó la primera. Ambas paralizaciones han sido contundentes y con movilización de trabajadores, estudiantes, profesores, artistas y otros sectores sociales. Este segundo paro general se produce en solidaridad con la ocupación de… Read more »

Open Letter on the June 8, 2010 California Primary Election

May 19, 2010

Dear Friend: San Francisco hotel workers, California students and Greek workers are all fighting to protect hard-earned gains—whether wages, pensions or public services—from the budget-slashing, corporate monster that currently stalks the planet. Unfortunately, the June 8th primary election ballot is part of this profit-driven drive to consolidate power and prop up stock market prices. There… Read more »

Seattle’s Free University is inaugurated amidst much publicity

November 1966

The Free University of Seattle has just been organized and is presently conducting classes in various makeshift classrooms. The regular premises leased for FUS could not be utilized since the local Fire Department swooped down on opening day and suspended operations. A temporary victim of its own success, FUS has been labeled by the local… Read more »

Desegregation in Seattle: Uproar Over Magnet Schools

Spring 1977

The school desegregation crisis in Seattle, brought to a head by threats of legal action by the local American Civil Liberties Union and the federal Department of Health, Education and Welfare, has cynically been declared “resolved” by Superintendent David Moberly. Nevertheless, Seattle still faces an urgent threefold task. First, the city must replace the unfair… Read more »

Portland, Ore. — Chicano College Defies Eviction

Fall 1977

Portland, Ore. — Protesting a court-ordered eviction by a federal agency, Chicano students and teachers at the innovative Colegio Cesar Chavez in Mt. Angel, Oregon have occupied the four-year-old school’s buildings and vowed to stay there until arrested. Six Colegio students have filed a U.S. District Court countersuit against the federal Department of Housing and… Read more »

Seattle — Chicana Challenges University Frame-Up

Fall 1977

Seattle — An abrasive legal confrontation over workers rights is raging at the University of Washington where a hotly-contested hearing is underway to consider the charge of Rosa Morales that she was fired from the Chicano Studies program because of sex and race discrimination and in violation of her political rights. Morales, a Chicana activist,… Read more »

Equal education battleground: affirmative action in Seattle

Spring 1981

Affirmative action faces the executioner’s axe — even in Seattle, that paragon city of “livability.” One of the nation’s most integrated cities, Seattle is in a prolonged uproar over education. Former Washington state governor Dixy Lee Ray set the political climate with her terse dictum, “Education is a privilege, not a right!” And now two… Read more »