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Dateline Australia—Students insist: “Flunk the Graduate Tax!”

January 1989

Student activists are back out in force. and their message is loud and clear: education is for all, not just the rich. Since April 1988, when the Federal government proposed a devastating new tax on higher education, students have held mass demonstrations, occupied campus administration buildings and the Melbourne Stock Exchange, and even sent the… Read more »

Merle Woo vs. University of California Berkeley: the history

June 1989

• In June 1982, Merle Woo, a Marxist feminist and nationally acclaimed writer, was fired from her job as a lecturer in Asian American Studies/Ethnic Studies (AAS) at U.C. Berkeley. • Woo charged UC with discrimination because of her politics, race, sex, sexuality, and criticism of AAS tenure track faculty. Her supporters included Angel Davis,… Read more »

It’s back to Berkeley for victorious Merle Woo

June 1989

The rematch between the University of California and lecturer Merle Woo, fired by UC-Berkeley for a second time in June 1986, is over — and Woo has shut out the opposition two-to-zip! Outspoken feminist Woo won her second round with UC in March, when university-employed arbitrator Leo Kanowitz ruled that her firing was “unreasonable.” His… Read more »

Merle Woo raps UC Berkeley: Stop stalling on settlement!

February 1991

There’s no letup in the ongoing fight to win lecturer Merle Woo a just settlement in her suit against the University of California at Berkeley (UC). The battle commenced in 1986, after Woo was fired from UC’s Graduate School of Education, where she’d been reinstated after winning a race, sex and political ideology discrimination suit… Read more »

Victory No. 3 in Merle Woo’s free speech marathon

May 1991

As we go to press, word has just been received that Merle Woo has beaten the University of California again! On April 25, Woo, fired twice from her lecturer’s position at the Berkeley campus, accepted a sweet $75,000 settlement in lieu of reinstatement to her old job. After firings in 1982 and 1986, Woo’s charges… Read more »

Voices of Color: Campus wars over Ethnic Studies

January 1992

Twenty-two years ago, Third World student strikes swept U.S. campuses. Students, staff, faculty, and community activists shut down colleges and won Ethnic Studies, affirmative action, and educational opportunity programs. Today, students who want to maintain those gains are pushing for the establishment of Ethnic Studies requirements (ESR) that would oblige students to fulfill a certain… Read more »

Anti-racist organizing 101: Lessons from an Ethnic Studies Requirement fight

May 1992

In 1988, racism on campus and society-wide spurred students at the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle to begin organizing to establish an Ethnic Studies Requirement (ESR). They lost that fight. But the problems that made them take it up remain. Discrimination and violence against people of color are out of control, while the U.S…. Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial: Chicana/o students rock the ivory tower

July 1993

The University of California campus Los Angeles sits on land stolen from Mexico by Yankee marauders. There’s rich justice in the fact that UCLA was turned upside down this spring by Chicanas and Chicanos determined to learn properly about their hidden history and stolen culture through establishment of a full-fledged Chicana/o Studies department. On June… Read more »

Public schools under fire: Rightwing reformers deserve an “F”

January 1996

There’s much talk today about the “crisis in education,” and it’s certainly true that the schools are in danger. But from what? Not from made-up villains like uninvolved parents, lazy and unqualified teachers and their greedy unions, unmotivated kids who would rather shoot crack than crack books, immigrant students overwhelming the sys- tem, or general… Read more »

Voices of Color: Rudy Acuña – Against the Odds

July 1996

Rodolfo Acuña is an activist, teacher, historian, and author, most recently of Anything But Mexican: Chicanos in Contemporary Los Angeles. He is also a founder and leading light of Chicano Studies. Voices of Color• would have silenced most Chicano academics. Acuña applied in 1990 for a position in the Chicano Studies Department of the University… Read more »