Recognize healthcare as a human right – make it universal and free

February 23, 2012

Of all the disappointments of President Obama’s three years in office, healthcare “reform” is one of the biggest letdowns for those who hoped for real change. Millions of people, including members of hospital worker unions, backed Obama because they expected him to make good on the promise of affordable healthcare for all. The Great Recession… Read more »

Estudios de La Raza, ¡sí! Los estudiantes de Tucson cuentan con ideas acertadas en las protestas contra la prohibición por parte de la derecha de los estudios étnicos

13 de febrero de 2012

Aprender acerca de mi herencia cultural ha sido declarado ilegal en Arizona, lugar donde nací y me crie. El 10 de enero, el patronato del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Tucson K-12 (TUSD) votó para acatar una indignante ley estatal que prohibía en efecto los Estudios Étnicos. A finales de diciembre, un juez dictaminó que la… Read more »

El Partido de Libertad Socialista lanza su campaña presidencial de postulación por escrito que se centra en osadas soluciones para la clase trabajadora

2 de febrero de 2012

Este año de elecciones, el Partido de Libertad Socialista (FSP) está postulando al neoyorquino Stephen Durham para presidente de EEUU y a la seattleleña Christina López para vicepresidenta en una fuerte campaña nacional por escrito. Comenta Durham, de 64 años, “La candidatura del FSP es una oportunidad para que el pueblo vote no solo contra… Read more »

Open Letter on the November 8, 2011 San Francisco Municipal Election

October 18, 2011

Dear Friends, The November 2011 San Francisco election demonstrates how desperately working people need radical change. The recession rages on, unemployment remains at a record high and families fight to keep a roof over their heads. The growing Occupy Wall Street/San Francisco movement is a loud expression of the desire for systemic change. Have the… Read more »

New Alliance Party’s sinister song & dance

July 1990

Merle Woo lost to her opponent, New Alliance Party (NAP) candidate Elizabeth Munoz, in the Peace and Freedom Party (P&FP) primary June S. Woo took San Francisco and Alameda Counties. Nevertheless, second-time gubernatorial Munoz’ greater name familiarity helped her statewide, as did the fact that NAP was able to mail campaign lit to the entire… Read more »

Merle Woo’s dramatic run for the California statehouse

July 1990

The following interview is reprinted from San Diego’s Gay and Lesbian Nation newspaper. During a recent phone conversation with Merle Woo, candidate for Governor of California in the Peace and Freedom Party’s June primary, I was impressed not only by her assessment of the issues, but by her quiet optimism and conviction that change can… Read more »