La biografía de Stephen Durham, candidato a la presidencia de los EE.UU.

abril de 2012

Stephen Durham está comprometido a realizar cambios desde las bases como candidato del Partido de Libertad Socialista (FSP) para presidente de EEUU junto con su compañera para vicepresidenta, Christina López. Durham, de 64 años, es el organizador del FSP en la ciudad de Nueva York y líder nacional elegido del partido. Ha representado al FSP… Read more »

Stephen Durham: a biographical sketch

April 2012

Stephen Durham brings commitment to making change from the grass roots up to his Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) campaign for president with vice-presidential partner Christina López. Durham, 64, is the New York City FSP organizer and an elected national party leader. He has represented the FSP in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean,… Read more »

Seven steps for ballot access reform

April 2012

Election season 2012: the rich are stuffing candidate bank accounts (while they continue to stuff their own); say-anything politicians, including President Obama, are blowing with the wind; and right-wing zealots are beating each other senseless in Republican debates and primaries. The rigged U.S. system of voting is in the middle of producing what may well… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Party presidential campaign: What’s new and what’s ahead

June 2012

CAPITALIST CAMPAIGNS are picking up cool millions at $40,000 per plate dinners. The Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) Durham-López campaign, on the other hand, is blazing its trail and attracting solid interest and donations at potlucks and open houses, protest rallies and picket lines, and street fairs and conferences. While presidential candidate and New Yorker Stephen… Read more »

Seven reasons to vote socialist feminist

June 2012

“Americans today have been put on the merry-go-round; on the Wall Street Republican-Democratic merry-go-round of boom, bust and war.” Representative Vito Marcantonio delivered those words in a speech to Congress on Aug. 4, 1948. Marcantonio was elected to seven terms by his constituents in East Harlem, a stone’s throw from Freedom Hall, the current headquarters… Read more »

Republicans and Democrats – One agenda: war, unemployment, austerity

June 2012

At long last, the debates between Republican millionaires spewing scary politics have stopped. Now the public is pummeled with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama sound bites (and occasionally Ron Paul), which sound all too similar. Yes, Obama’s timely support of same-sex marriage makes Democratic politicians look friendlier. But policies the White House has enacted have… Read more »

Finally, a presidential campaign for the 51 percent!

June 2012

Beatriz Paez of Los Angeles radiates excitement about the FSP presidential team of Stephen Durham and Christina López. “I am totally behind the campaign,” says Paez, “as a mother, unionist, and teacher. And I’ve gotten my family and friends on board because the survival and well-being of my whole community depends on a socialist feminist… Read more »

Race issues: the hushed-up heart of US politics

June 2012

A century ago, W.E.B. Du Bois wrote that “the problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line.” Today, that line is still the key problem for U.S. workers, as bitter race divisions remain. Joblessness and lack of economic opportunity consistently trap communities of color into poverty. Increasingly, the same realities are… Read more »

Las oficinas de la campaña para la presidencia

junio de 2012

Christina López, chicana nacida y criada en Arizona, es una feroz defensora de los derechos reproductivos y de inmigrantes. Es presidenta de las Mujeres Radicales de Seattle (RW) y líder de bases en la organización para poner fin a los cortes presupuestarios en el estado de Washington. Su pasión por la justicia racial le ayuda… Read more »