Partido de Libertad Socialista — endosantes notables

junio de 2012

• Mima Cataldo, Gremio de Bibliotecarios Progresistas* • Chris Faatz, International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 5* • Bryan Fabert, Sindicato Internacional de Empleados de Servicios Local 775 (SEIU)* • Doug Frechin, Teamsters Local 174* • Elazar Friedman, Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal • Channing MacFadden, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587* • Richard… Read more »

Durham-López 2012 presidential campaign endorsers

June 2012

• Norma Abdulah, Harlem activist, retired teacher, New York City, N.Y. • Bess Altwerger, Save Our Schools,* Baltimore, Md. • Amina Baraka, cultural worker, revolutionary poet, singer, Newark, N.J. • Ray Berard, American Federation of Teachers Local 2121,* San Francisco, Calif. • Dr. Natalie Boero, author and professor (sociology) at San Jose State University, California… Read more »

Stephen Durham: firing up alternative party debates on tour in California

June 2012

On a three-week tour of California, Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) presidential candidate Stephen Durham conveyed an exciting, optimistic message of the power of rebellion, delivered with intensity and clarity. New York FSP Organizer Durham, one of four people seeking the nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party (PFP), campaigned in April and early May in… Read more »

Una campaña presidencial para desafiar a Wall Street

junio de 2012

La temporada de elecciones produce una avalancha de mentiras por parte de los políticos que cuentan con el apoyo de las corporaciones. Pero este año brilla la verdad, gracias a la campaña del Partido de Libertad Socialista (FSP) de Stephen Durham para presidente y Christina López para vicepresidenta. La campaña está animando a simpatizantes, desde… Read more »

A presidential campaign to turn the tables on Wall Street: the Freedom Socialist Party

June 2012

Election season brings the usual blizzard of lies by corporate-backed politicians. But this year the truth is shining through, thanks to the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) campaign of Stephen Durham for president and Christina López for vice president. The campaign is energizing supporters from Dominican immigrant neighborhoods in New York City to college campuses in… Read more »

US elections: Flag-waving and false unity

August 2012

Every four years the big capitalist parties break out the red, white, and blue banners to create a frenzy of patriotism. Voters are expected to jump on the bandwagon and cheer for the good old USA, blind to the gulf between Wall Street’s billionaires and Main Street’s evicted. This is especially true in the 2012… Read more »