Socialist Linda Averill moves women’s issues to the front of the bus in race for Seattle City Council

Winter/Spring 2005

Seattle, the home of massive protests against the World Trade Organization and other neoliberal atrocities, this year offers a rare opportunity: voters can elect a genuine representative of working people to its City Council. Feminist and unionist Linda Averill, a city bus driver and former organizer of Seattle Radical Women, is running as a Freedom… Read more »

Discussion — Socialists and elections

Winter/Spring 2005

Many thanks to one of our London subscribers who approached the Stop the War Coalition for an article about the impact of the anti-war movement on the recent British elections. We thank Lindsey German from the coalition for her contribution. Lindsey, who was a candidate for the Respect Unity Coalition, scored more than one-fifth of… Read more »

Huge anti-war vote in British elections

Winter/Spring 2005

This year’s general election was a disaster for Blair and saw a significant breakthrough for the Left. The 2005 general election will go down in history in several different ways. It marked a historically low vote for any ruling party. Labour picked up only 36 percent of the popular vote, the Tories lost on 33… Read more »

Howard’s Industrial Relations laws CAN be beaten!

Summer/Autumn 2005

The Australian trade union movement currently faces two huge challenges. One is external. From 1 July 2005 the Howard Government assumes control of the Senate and plans to enact more than 60 pieces of anti-union legislation previously blocked by the opposition parties. The other challenge is internal. In the aftermath of the Federal election result,… Read more »

Out of Proportion – ALP and Democrats hand Howard control of the Senate

Summer/Autumn 2005

In a travesty of the electoral process, little-publicised deals between the backroom operators of the Labor Party and Democrats meant that The Greens were denied Senate seats in four states. This was despite the first preference votes of hundreds of thousands of voters in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. The NSW and… Read more »

Strong results for socialists in Council elections!

Summer/Autumn 2005

Socialist candidates attracted impressive support in the November 27 local council elections in Victoria. The Socialist Party (SP) ran three candidates for Yarra Council in Langridge Ward, which covers the inner city suburbs of Fitzroy, Collingwood, Abbotsford and Clifton Hill. The three candidates scored a combined first preference vote of 14% and SP candidate Steve… Read more »

Federal Elections 2001: Sixty-four days promoting bold solutions to capitalism

Summer/Autumn 2002

Day 1: I’ve been preselected and I’m now officially the lead Socialist Alliance Senate Candidate for Victoria. I know the weeks ahead will be challenging and rewarding because I’ll have the opportunity to speak about socialism to people who’ve never thought about the concept before. My Senate running mates are Sarah Peart from the Democratic… Read more »

The Stealing of the Presidency: Democracy in the U.S. is a sham!

Summer/Autumn 2001

With the help of big brother Jeb, the Republican Party machinery of Florida, a mainstream media obsessed with “chads” — the bits of paper that voting machines cut from the ballots — and a one vote majority in a Supreme Court dominated by conservatives, George W. Bush hijacked the 2000 presidential election. The racism, corruption,… Read more »