A presidential campaign to turn the tables on Wall Street: the Freedom Socialist Party

June 2012

Election season brings the usual blizzard of lies by corporate-backed politicians. But this year the truth is shining through, thanks to the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) campaign of Stephen Durham for president and Christina López for vice president. The campaign is energizing supporters from Dominican immigrant neighborhoods in New York City to college campuses in… Read more »

US elections: Flag-waving and false unity

August 2012

Every four years the big capitalist parties break out the red, white, and blue banners to create a frenzy of patriotism. Voters are expected to jump on the bandwagon and cheer for the good old USA, blind to the gulf between Wall Street’s billionaires and Main Street’s evicted. This is especially true in the 2012… Read more »

Alex Romero – Why I joined the Freedom Socialist Party

August 2012

Four years ago I voted for the Lesser Evil and hoped the Change the candidate promised would better the lives of thousands of homeless people, grant citizenship to undocumented workers, end gender inequities, and extend federal legal protection to same-sex couples. Instead, what these years gave us was a punch on the nose. The president… Read more »

Battle for the nomination: FSP among contenders for Peace and Freedom Party nod

August 2012

The Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) campaign of Stephen Durham for president and Christina López for vice president is a sharp contrast to the tradition of buying the White House with truckloads of money. New Yorker Durham and Seattleite López speak from the heart and stand for opening the borders, nationalizing banks under workers’ control, and… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor — October 2012

October 2012

PRISONER BACKS FSP And there’s lots more support behind bars Revolutionary greetings. I believe there needs to be a third party system. For decades this capitalist machine has bogged down and drowned out the real voices of the masses. As a political prisoner, I support candidates Stephen Durham for president and Christina López as vice… Read more »

The most effective vote is a protest vote —

October 2012

Barack Obama spent $730 million to claim the White House in 2008, and it’s projected that this year’s winner will spend more than a billion. As it turns out, however, it only takes about $40,000 to run an energetic, inspiring, effective presidential write-in campaign to protest this rigged electoral system and give people the chance… Read more »

Two conventions, two scripts, one charade for voters

October 2012

The Republican and Democrat conventions were glitzy ad campaigns to lure voters in November. To that end, the rhetoric of both claimed huge divides between them. But in the real world, most of their differences are cosmetic or matters of degree, not essence. Take the Republicans — please! The GOP convention’s oft-chanted slogan was, “We… Read more »

Electoral roulette: The 1 percent can’t lose

October 2012

While Mitt Romney and Barack Obama joust for the White House, the U.S. economy limps along, teetering between “recovery” and another downturn. With competition for global markets and resources at a white heat, CEOs are watching the 2012 election impatiently. As Fortune magazine’s Sept. 3 cover blared, “Hey, Washington: Enough already!” The authors say neither… Read more »