Federal Elections 2001: Sixty-four days promoting bold solutions to capitalism

Summer/Autumn 2002

Day 1: I’ve been preselected and I’m now officially the lead Socialist Alliance Senate Candidate for Victoria. I know the weeks ahead will be challenging and rewarding because I’ll have the opportunity to speak about socialism to people who’ve never thought about the concept before. My Senate running mates are Sarah Peart from the Democratic… Read more »

The Stealing of the Presidency: Democracy in the U.S. is a sham!

Summer/Autumn 2001

With the help of big brother Jeb, the Republican Party machinery of Florida, a mainstream media obsessed with “chads” — the bits of paper that voting machines cut from the ballots — and a one vote majority in a Supreme Court dominated by conservatives, George W. Bush hijacked the 2000 presidential election. The racism, corruption,… Read more »