Hillary Clinton conjures up a new “red” threat

December 2019

On the centennial of the Palmer Raids, Clinton is reviving commie baiting by calling Green Party leader a “Russian asset.” Warning to all lefties — beware of embedding with Democrats!

Take that, Amazon! Sawant wins again

December 2019

Seattle voters said “Hell no!” to red-baiting billionaires, and defeated five of the seven Amazon-backed candidates for City Council! Up-front socialist Kshama Savant was especially targeted — and won.

Open Letter on the November 5, 2019 Seattle/Puget Sound General Election

October 9, 2019

Dear friend, This election is an opportunity to show some workingclass power. You can throw your muscle behind a socialist city councilmember, support affirmative action, and protect renters!  At the same time, tell the billionaire bosses to pay their taxes, and stop trying to buy elections. Read on for a breakdown of the ballot. Seattle… Read more »

Los electores repudian la política de intolerancia y paranoia de Trump, pero, ¿cuál será su recompensa?

15 de noviembre de 2018

Los trabajadores, las mujeres, las personas de color y otras personas que son continuamente marginadas y maltratadas, tuvieron mucho que celebrar cuando llegaron los resultados de las elecciones de medio término el 6 de noviembre. Fueron derrotados algunos de los peores “bullies” de derecha a nivel nacional, como Scott Walker y Kris Kobach.  Otros reaccionarios… Read more »

Recommendations for the NYC November 6, 2018 Elections

October 30, 2018

Dear Friend, The midterm elections are upon us, happening amid a literal storm in this country as global warming-fueled hurricanes flood the coast, thousands of migrants are forced north, another sexual abuser is appointed to the Supreme Court, and Trump tries to deny trans people’s very right to exist. The Democratic Party machine says a “Blue… Read more »