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Climate change: we CAN avert the apocalypse

February 2019

If your body temperature rises by a seemingly minuscule 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit), you’re probably sick. We now know that the Earth also must live within a narrow temperature range, or its life suffers. The planet’s average temperature is currently 1 degree C above what it was as the industrial revolution began. That’s… Read more »

BC pipeline foiled

December 2018

The catalysts that led a Canadian federal court to stop the dangerous Trans Mountain project in its tracks.

Red Fawn sentenced

October 2018

Native American water protector from Standing Rock struggle was forced to take a “non-cooperating plea agreement” and 57-month jail sentence. She couldn’t get a fair trial for the “attempted murder” charge with a lifetime penalty.

Rachel Carson’s passionate crusade

October 2018

Silent Spring: despite the best efforts of the powers-that-be, Carson’s 1962 environmental critique made an impact that could never be erased.