Fishing wars: Blood on the riverbanks

Winter 1978

From the beginning, Indian culture of the Pacific Northwest derived from a fishing-centered way of life. This culture is being systematically relegated to oblivion. Greedy corporations, assisted by the government,… Read more »

The energy crisis: Blackmail at the gas pumps

Summer 1979

In California, the lines of customers waiting for gasoline stretch for miles. The price of petroleum products rises almost daily. And the giant oil corporations, pretending helplessness over the phony… Read more »

The great nuclear reaction

Summer 1979

The near-disaster at Three Mile Island on March 28 riveted world attention onto the hornet’s nest of nuclear energy production. As a reactor in the plant spilled 250,000 gallons of… Read more »

Farmworkers: ¡Viva la Huelga!

Spring 1980

Farmworker militance, cultivated through decades of back breaking toil, poverty and discrimination, has scored major victories for the United Farm Workers Union in the Salinas and Imperial valleys of California…. Read more »

Cowboy Reagan rides a Trojan horse

Spring 1981

Not since the Nixon years has Washington, D.C. glittered so brightly with the diamonds, furs and tuxedos of the visibly rich. The Republicans are back, and with them comes the… Read more »

Survivors, by Karen Brodine

February 1988

Survivors. Reading about the glow boys this morning. The unemployed enticed with $60 to fix the core of the nuclear plant. In space suits they jump down into it. Acid… Read more »