Seeing red over phony green reforms

April 2007

This time, it was an article in a local paper that raised my blood pressure. Called “Lukewarm to Global Warming,” the Feb. 4 Seattle Times piece described how cautiously state… Read more »

The destruction of a great river system

June 2008

If there were ever a case for a planned economy, it’s unfolding in Australia, the planet’s driest inhabited continent. Agriculture is in crisis in the Murray-Darling basin, one of the… Read more »

U.S. military: destroyer of the environment

August 2008

It’s no secret that Planet Earth is wading into heavier environmental disaster by the hour. Be it deforestation, pollution, climate changing greenhouse gas emissions, or species extinction, the global ecosystem… Read more »

BP profits vs. life in the Gulf

October 2010

Faced with an environmental catastrophe of unprecedented proportions from its failed Gulf of Mexico rig, oil giant BP wasted no time shifting into damage control mode. No, not to protect… Read more »