Clean fracking? No such thing

April 2014

At present, France outlaws hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) — the process of pumping water mixed with chemicals into porous rock to drive out oil and natural gas, like an explosive pressure cooker. Fracking endangers workers, drains and contaminates precious water supplies, pollutes the air, contributes to global warming, devastates pristine rural areas, and can cause earthquakes… Read more »

Food prices, drought, and poverty

April 2014

Across the globe climate change is wreaking havoc on cities and rural areas, and the people and other creatures that inhabit them. Floods, droughts, extreme storms and rising temperatures are here to stay. Those paying the highest price are the world’s poor and low-wage workers. They are driven from their meager homes, and can’t afford… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor

June 2014

DROUGHT Water wastage Thanks for the article on the drought in California and the resulting, ever higher food prices in the land of plenty [Food prices, drought, and poverty, Vol. 35, No. 2]. With respect to capitalist-induced climate change, there are three kinds of people in California: the vast majority who suffer its effects, the… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial — TPP environment plan is media sugar water

June 2014

We would like to extend a Marxist high five to WikiLeaks for once again exposing the nastiness of the rich and powerful and their government lackeys. Earlier this year the anti-secrecy organization released the draft Environmental Chapter of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is a 12-nation, draft free trade agreement that encompasses 40… Read more »

Environmental racism in urban communities of color: an ecosocialist response

August 2014

“A world to win, a planet to save!” That theme of the recent Freedom Socialist Party’s national convention punctuated the urgency of stopping environmental destruction before it makes the earth uninhabitable. Having grown up in San Francisco and lived in New York City for the last 33 years, I was inspired by the theme to… Read more »

En América Latina, comunidades y aborígenes enfrentan mega mineras

agosto de 2014

El autor pertenece a Núcleo por un Partido Revolucionario Internacionalista (NUPORI) en la República Dominicana. República Dominicana y Haití están asentadas en el segundo depósito de oro más grande de América. Además posee enormes reservas de níquel, bauxita, ámbar, mármol, piedra caliza y granito. Scott Jobin-Bevans, ex-presidente del grupo minero Prospectors and Developers Association de… Read more »

Across Latin America, indigenous communities confront mining megacorporations

August 2014

The author is with Núcleo por un Partido Revolucionario Internacionalista (NUPORI) in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic and Haiti rest on the second largest gold deposit in the Americas. They also have huge reserves of nickel, bauxite, amber, marble, limestone, and granite. Scott Jobin-Bevans, former president of the Prospectors and Developers Association mining group… Read more »

Oil and the struggle for world domination

April 2015

Oil and oil prices — they are on the minds of everyone. When the price of oil plummets, it’s a relief for beleaguered workers around the world. With wages falling or jobs gone, and services and education cut, paying 30 or 40 percent less for gas and heating fuel is huge. But the decrease is… Read more »