Wolves, bees, whales, and us

June 2018

Endangered species: humans are not exempt from the laws of biology — no more than any other animals.

Millions march for science worldwide

June 2017

W.E.B. Du Bois once stated that “the cure [for ignorance] wasn’t simply telling people the truth, it was inducing them to act on it.” This could certainly be said of the millions of people who marched for science across the globe on April 22. Inspired by the Women’s March, the idea quickly erupted into an… Read more »

Big win for “Don’t Frack Maryland”

June 2017

Hydraulic fracturing in Maryland is gone for good. Members of the Don’t Frack Maryland coalition led a tireless and uncompromising campaign for a total ban rather than settle for the so-called safe-fracking measures first supported by the governor and state legislators. The coalition used hard evidence to reveal the ecological devastation fracking has caused in… Read more »

New Zealand earthquake exposes a government that is upping military spending while neglecting environmental safety

January 2017

November 2016 turned out more momentous than New Zealanders expected. Anti-war campaigners converged on Auckland to protest against international naval exercises celebrating the Royal New Zealand Navy’s 75th anniversary. Ships arrived from 15 countries, and the activists’ focus was the USS Sampson, the first U.S. warship to visit New Zealand in 33 years. New government… Read more »