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VIDEO: FSP U.S.’s 2014 National Convention on Ecosocialism – A World to Win, A Planet to Save

November 2014

On September 26th, FSP organizers and supporters gathered in Seattle to discuss ecosocialism – “an anti-capitalist approach to upending the climate changers’ system and building our own future.” In this video captured from the event, socialist feminist organizer, union activist, & climate change journalist for the Freedom Socialist newspaper Mark Drummond covers the importance of… Read more »

To leave coal behind, take the profits out of the energy industry!

December 20, 2012

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change conference has just concluded, the eighteenth in a series notable for the lack of cooperation among the planet’s worst polluters, first and foremost the United States, and their failure to swiftly move away from dirty energy sources. Now residents of the Pacific Northwest face the planned building of… Read more »

The Gulf crisis: beautiful planet versus deadly profit system

June 2010

“It’s like a nightmare you can’t wake up from.” This is how Danielle Brutsche described the plight of Gulf of Mexico residents at a May 30 rally in New Orleans demanding that the government take control of managing BP’s disaster. The horror grows day by day as the cover-up by BP and its government co-conspirators… Read more »

Who are the pro-earth, antinuclear people and what do they want?

Summer 1978

In May, thousands of Live Without Trident protesters provoked the latest in a series of mass arrests by trespassing on the nuclear submarine base at Bangor, Washington. This alliance of pacifists and environmentalists is only one of various nationwide and international coalitions focusing world attention on the perils of nuclear energy and industrial waste. Environmental… Read more »

Fishing wars: Blood on the riverbanks

Winter 1978

From the beginning, Indian culture of the Pacific Northwest derived from a fishing-centered way of life. This culture is being systematically relegated to oblivion. Greedy corporations, assisted by the government, steal the fish and Indian lands, and terrorize fisher families, while a vicious anti-Indian campaign is propagated to justify the genocide. The courts and Congress… Read more »

Labor and Environmentalists: A significant dialogue

Winter 1978

A powerful fight can be waged to insure the safety of all life when labor and environmentalists work together to make big business clean up the workplace and the world outside of it. This was the conclusion of a promising dialogue between labor and environmentalists initiated at an October 30th forum at the Seattle Labor… Read more »

Alaska: where the natural people and the natural resources face extinction

Spring 1979

Last summer, four Native Alaskan men, ages 67 to 98, were arrested by Alaskan Fish & Game wardens for attempted salmon fishing on the Copper River. The fishermen were seeking food for their households. They did not know that a weekday fishing ban had been imposed by the State because of the limited salmon run,… Read more »

The energy crisis: Blackmail at the gas pumps

Summer 1979

In California, the lines of customers waiting for gasoline stretch for miles. The price of petroleum products rises almost daily. And the giant oil corporations, pretending helplessness over the phony “crude oil shortage,” are using American workers as hostages and raking in record profits. Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter, the willing captive of the energy barons, poses… Read more »