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The great nuclear reaction

Summer 1979

The near-disaster at Three Mile Island on March 28 riveted world attention onto the hornet’s nest of nuclear energy production. As a reactor in the plant spilled 250,000 gallons of radioactive effluent and vented unknown quantities of lethal steam over the surrounding countryside, the world press descended nearby Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Reversing its 20-year disparagement of… Read more »

Farmworkers: Viva la Huelsa!

Spring 1980

Farmworker militance, cultivated through decades of back breaking toil, poverty and discrimination, has scored major victories for the United Farm Workers Union in the Salinas and Imperial valleys of California. Chicano/Mexicanos and women, who make up the bulk of agricultural workers, have defended their union magnificently in a fifteen-month battle against the union-busting growers and… Read more »

Cowboy Reagan rides a Trojan horse

Spring 1981

Not since the Nixon years has Washington, D.C. glittered so brightly with the diamonds, furs and tuxedos of the visibly rich. The Republicans are back, and with them comes the gloss of snappy dress guards at the White House and unrestrained pride in the global network of terror, intrigue, economic thievery and political repression that… Read more »

Survivors, by Karen Brodine

February 1988

Survivors. Reading about the glow boys this morning. The unemployed enticed with $60 to fix the core of the nuclear plant. In space suits they jump down into it. Acid rain, acid fog. “Just brush it off.” The screen I stare at, typesetting, low level, the low lying words. Statistics for jumpers: only one fatal… Read more »

Jobs vs. ecology: A dilemma manufactured by the profit system

February 1991

Two endangered species of the Pacific Northwest are front-page news these days — the northern spotted owl and the logger. Portrayed as irreconcilable antagonists, they are in fact ecological kin, dependent on the same environment. Their existence is threatened by the same voracious predator — the timber industry. The ancient forests which once covered the… Read more »

COINTELPRO’S latest victims: radical environmentalists

May 1991

On May 24, 1990, Earth First!ers Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were driving in Oakland, California when a pipe bomb exploded in their car and sent the two activists to the hospital. Bari was there for over a month. Cherney was treated for a lacerated cornea and released-only to be arrested immediately by the Oakland… Read more »

A logger’s outlook

May 1991

Steve Goodman has felled trees in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years, mostly for small independent outfits. It is a job he loves—and is leaving. He is convinced that time is not on the logger’s side, and he wants out while it is still his decision to make. Here are some of his thoughts on… Read more »

Jobs vs. ecology: A dilemma manufactured by the profit system

May 1991

Part One of “Jobs vs. Ecology” discussed the debate over the spotted owl, the state of the forests, and the corporate timber barons. This concluding installment looks at conditions for timber workers, the environmental movement, and what action can be taken to preserve both jobs and nature. ‘Owl vs. Man’ was the headline for Time… Read more »

Keeping the lights on: a matter of public power

October 1995

“That man may use it freely as the air he breathes, the waters of the rivers, the winds of heaven.” Those words, embossed on a beautiful mosaic at the headquarters of Seattle City Light, reflect the founding principle of publicly run providers of electricity. At the turn of the century, investment companies, brokerage firms, and… Read more »