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Jobs vs. ecology: A dilemma manufactured by the profit system

February 1991

Two endangered species of the Pacific Northwest are front-page news these days — the northern spotted owl and the logger. Portrayed as irreconcilable antagonists, they are in fact ecological kin, dependent on the same environment. Their existence is threatened by the same voracious predator — the timber industry. The ancient forests which once covered the… Read more »

COINTELPRO’S latest victims: radical environmentalists

May 1991

On May 24, 1990, Earth First!ers Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were driving in Oakland, California when a pipe bomb exploded in their car and sent the two activists to the hospital. Bari was there for over a month. Cherney was treated for a lacerated cornea and released-only to be arrested immediately by the Oakland… Read more »

A logger’s outlook

May 1991

Steve Goodman has felled trees in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years, mostly for small independent outfits. It is a job he loves—and is leaving. He is convinced that time is not on the logger’s side, and he wants out while it is still his decision to make. Here are some of his thoughts on… Read more »

Jobs vs. ecology: A dilemma manufactured by the profit system

May 1991

Part One of “Jobs vs. Ecology” discussed the debate over the spotted owl, the state of the forests, and the corporate timber barons. This concluding installment looks at conditions for timber workers, the environmental movement, and what action can be taken to preserve both jobs and nature. ‘Owl vs. Man’ was the headline for Time… Read more »

Keeping the lights on: a matter of public power

October 1995

“That man may use it freely as the air he breathes, the waters of the rivers, the winds of heaven.” Those words, embossed on a beautiful mosaic at the headquarters of Seattle City Light, reflect the founding principle of publicly run providers of electricity. At the turn of the century, investment companies, brokerage firms, and… Read more »

International protests detonate against French nuclear testing

October 1995

p>Despite white-hot opposition on every continent, French President Jacques Chirac on September 5 resumed underground nuclear tests at· the Moruroa atoll in French-ruled Polynesia. This blast, more powerful than the one. that leveled Hiroshima, brought more than the Moruroa lagoon in the South Pacific to a boiling point. It transformed what had been a steadily… Read more »

¡Viva Judi Bari!

July 1997

REVOLUTIONARY ENVIRONMENTALIST Judi Bari died of cancer on March 2 at the age of 47. Bari transformed the ecology movement by welding her feminist, workingclass, multi-issue, Marxist ideas to the militancy of the group Earth First! in northern California. Bari brought natural allies together, and that made her dangerous; she drew the wrath of timber… Read more »

The new killing fields: How agribusiness poisons laborers, consumers and the planet

January 1998

Agribusiness. It’s a coddled but murderous giant, with vast profits and even more vast influence. Nurtured by subsidies, tax breaks, labor-law exemptions, and tailor-made government policies, it repays these favors by working its laborers literally to death, spewing its toxins into our food and water and air, leveling wildlife habitat, and engorging itself on precious… Read more »

Makah tribal whalers deserve the support of global environmentalists

January 1999

The Makah Indians of northwest Washington state, along with 14 sister nations on the west coast of Canada’s Vancouver Island, the Nuu-Chah-Nulth, have contributed immeasurable artistic and cultural vibrancy to the human family. Now they want to catch a whale, and a coalition headed by Canadian Paul Watson is bent on stopping them. “I’ve had… Read more »