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Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor

Summer 1977

Dear Comrades, The Women’s Place Resource Center very much enjoys receiving the Freedom Socialist. I appreciate the work you are doing for us all and the model the Party provides for alternatives to a distressed and depressing capitalist system. In work and friendship, Diana Lobo Portland, OR Dear Clara, I do not understand revolutionaries who… Read more »

Freedom Socialist opinion: Message to the Media

Fall 1977

To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable — that is the reporter’s mission, as defined by Heywood Broun, the great journalist who founded the Newspaper Guild. I have encountered dozens of newswriters who did exactly that. I have an abiding respect for the working press — their facility with language, their splitsecond, deadline-haunted timing,… Read more »

Clara Fraser: Media revisited

Winter 1977

In my last column, “A Message to the Media,” I described the product of a press conference I called to announce a victory in an employment discrimination case involving on-the-job civil liberties. I described the shallow and rushed treatment afforded the story on television, and the personalized slant adopted by the morning paper. I expressed… Read more »

Feminist Poet on the Job

Spring 1978

WORKWEEK by Karen Brodine. Berkeley, California: Kelsey St. Press, 1977. Paperback, $2.50 Neither the male literary establishment nor most women writers regard the workplace as a particularly compelling subject for poetry. To the artist insulated by academia, the experience of a boring, oppressive job is foreign, and the vast majority of writers who work for… Read more »

Clara Fraser: The two “Julias”

Spring 1978

The nationally syndicated gossip columns gleefully report that writer Lillian Hellman; the indomitable one, feuded with the director of Julia and refused to attend the premiere of this film based on her memoir, Pentimento. Good for you, Lillian. It’s bad enough that the rest of us had to see it. There’s a screwy scene in… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor

Spring 1978

We run a bookstore in Toronto in conjunction with the Revolutionary Workers League. We would like to receive a bundle of your newspapers. Please detail information on discounts, other publications, etc. Love and Leninism. P. for Louis Riel Bookstore Toronto, Ontario I saw a copy of your press the other day. Am interested in a… Read more »

Clara Fraser: Welcome to L.A.!

Summer 1978

From the majestic peaks and evergreens of Washington State through the rolling hills of Oregon and Northern California and the fertile valleys and desert winds of Southern California, it was a trip to remember. The return route along the Pacific was a driver’s dream: picturesque Santa Barbara, the misty towers of San Simeon, the picture-postcard… Read more »

Movie Review: Outrageous!

Summer 1978

“It ain’t easy in this crazy world.” So runs the refrain through Outrageous, a Canadian film in which the world, as the theme song contends, is insane, not gays or crazies. “I don’t think I’d make it without you,” the lyrics continue, expressing the high value placed by the two main characters, Robin and Liza,… Read more »

Clara Fraser: How Long, oh Lords, How Long??

Fall 1978

My favorite candidate for the downer-of-the-week award is the patronizing radical who tells us that “you people are too impatient — Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, we people have a lot to be impatient about, and rebuilding imperial Rome isn’t exactly what we had in mind. Patience is undoubtedly a virtue for radicals…. Read more »

Movie Review: F.I.S.T and Blue Collar

Fall 1978

The jazzy titles of two films about trade unionism are currently gracing the marquees. Hollywoodian experts on the proletariat are now instructing movie fans — mostly youth — that if you fight the bosses, you’ll get killed, bought off, or in hock to the only force that can beat the system — gangsters! F.I.S.T is… Read more »