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Social Security: high stakes for women

April 2013

Conservatives howl that Social Security is bankrupting the country. And in his State of the Union Address, President Obama called for “reforms,” code for cuts. But as wages and benefits steadily fall and pensions become a thing of the past, no one is talking about who needs this program the most. More working people than… Read more »

Dateline Australia: 30 years of revolutionary feminism Down Under

April 2013

The Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) in Australia is 30 years old! Our first event, “A new era for socialist feminism in Australia,” took place at the Plumbers Union on 24 March 1983. I outlined the party’s history and program for a crowd of mostly socialists, teacher unionists, and gay liberationists. That month voters kicked out… Read more »

Let’s build a movement for quality, publicly funded childcare!

June 2013

Stephanie, a mother of four, stays at home with her children because the cost of childcare far exceeds any income she can earn from a job. Diane is a single working mother; she cannot afford to pay the full cost of preschool for her four-year-old daughter. She qualifies for state-subsidized care, but has had to… Read more »

Mothers honored with action in Seattle

June 2013

In Seattle over 200 people celebrate Mother’s Day with balloons, facepaint and a message. Rally demands included publicly funded childcare for poor and working families, expanded social services, ending the deportation of immigrants, stopping domestic violence and freeing abuse survivor Marissa Alexander.

The living ideas of Clara Fraser, the original socialist feminist

June 2013

Introduction: The following selections, compiled by Adrienne Weller, pay tribute to the groundbreaking politics of Clara Fraser on the 15th anniversary of her death. The excerpts are from Fraser’s Revolution, She Wrote, which includes many of her witty and profound columns from the Freedom Socialist (find one here). The book also contains her earliest writings… Read more »

Clara Fraser: A small biography for a very large life

June 2013

Clara Fraser was the Big Bang that set off modern socialist feminism, pouring new light and creative energy into the revolutionary movement. Born in 1923 to Russian immigrants, she was a working-class trailblazer until her death in 1998. She taught that women and people of color are destined to lead in creating change because they… Read more »

The bogus Working Families Flexibility Act: GOP takes aim at overtime pay

August 2013

The only thing that’s flexible about the Working Families Flexibility Act is the choice that private-sector businesses have to wield even more power over working people. Being sold as “family friendly,” the bill is part of the Republicans’ two-pronged larger goal to win back female voters and to erode the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act…. Read more »

Feminismo socialista en Costa Rica — Mi asistencia al congreso del Partido Revolucionario de las y los Trabajadores

octubre de 2013

Durante el fin de semana del 10 al 11 de agosto en San José, el Partido Revolucionario de las Trabajadoras y los Trabajadores de Costa Rica (PRT) celebró su 22avo. Congreso. El primer día asistí como representante del Partido de Libertad Socialista (Freedom Socialist Party, o FSP), junto con aproximadamente una docena de otros invitados;… Read more »