women & feminism

A Lesson from a TelCo Centre: How IT workers defeated an individual contract

Winter/Spring 2006

Protesters waving placards and yelling slogans from a megaphone. Marching in the streets, massed anger and strength in numbers. Unionised, mobilised and determined collective strength. This is hopefully how most people envision a labour movement with the power to overturn the Howard Government’s WorkChoices regime. Inspired, organised action has created fearsome warriors prepared to stand… Read more »

Why must women lead the unions into a General Strike? Because we can!

Winter/Spring 2006

One of my most worn and treasured T-shirts is from my union, the Australian Services Union. It’s hot pink with the message, “Strong unions need women.” If ever women were needed to put some kick into the union movement, it’s now! Now, when Howard’s WorkChoices law is being used with ever-greater viciousness. The kick needs… Read more »

Mulheres, feminismo e hip hop

dezembro de 2005

This article in English A rapper e atriz Queen Latifah fez história quando ganhou um Grammy por seu hit inovador, “U.N.I.T.Y“, em 1995. A canção protestou contra a violência doméstica e a objetificação da sexualidade feminina negra. “U.N.I.T.Y” iniciou uma conversa na comunidade afro-americana sobre violência e agressão contra as mulheres. Também estabeleceu que as mulheres negras… Read more »

Mass action, not restrictive laws, will stop anti-abortion violence

Winter/Spring 2005

In March, the Victorian Labor Party government foreshadowed legislation to prevent anti-abortionist protesters from approaching within a certain distance of fertility clinics. On several occasions, abortion rights activists from university campuses and Radical Women have defended the clinic. Over the past months, clients and staff of the Fertility Control Clinic in East Melbourne have been… Read more »

Violence against women – A huge problem which demands concrete solutions

Winter/Spring 2005

For anyone who believes that women have equality, here’s a statistic. Domestic violence is the biggest cause of death or disability for Australian women aged between 15 and 44. This data comes from a study released by Access Economics in March this year. Just months before this revelation, in November 2004, a Victorian court found… Read more »

Arundhati Roy’s eloquent answer to the neoliberal spin doctors

Winter/Spring 2005

Arundhati Roy came to prominence when her first novel, The God of Small Things, won the 1996 Booker Prize for literature. She has gone on to write several works of fiction and non-fiction. Roy is an outspoken, internationally popular anti-globalisationist and Indian feminist. Her latest book, The Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire, is a collection… Read more »

Reproductive rights coalition leads offensive against anti-woman onslaught

Winter/Spring 2005

On June 30, 120,000 unionists marched with banners and umbrellas through the centre of Melbourne. Working people — old, young, women, men, queer, straight, of many colours and many pushing prams — choked the main streets to protest the Howard Government’s plans to destroy the union movement and drive down living conditions. Among them were… Read more »

Scrap the sexist defence of provocation!

Summer/Autumn 2005

In July 2003, Julie Ramage told her husband James that she was leaving him. So he killed her. In October 2004, the Victorian Supreme Court jury found him guilty of manslaughter, not murder, because she provoked him. The argument to the court went like this: Julie told him that she was in a relationship with… Read more »

Winning Women’s Rights: A question of reform or revolution?

Summer/Autumn 2005

Two days after the re-election of the Howard Government on October 9, Radical Women hosted a discussion about how to achieve women’s liberation. The election outcome injected a new sense of energy and determination. While participants had encountered gloomy voters, shattered and demoralised by a fourth Howard Government, all had met others who had decided… Read more »