women & feminism

Fight to overturn sexist laws: Free Heather Osland!

Summer/Autumn 2002

On 7 September 2001, Heather Osland’s five-year battle against a 14-year sentence for killing her violent husband came to an abrupt halt. After the High Court upheld her conviction in 1998, Osland tried her last legal channel: a Petition of Mercy to the Victorian government. The panel of Queens Councils decided to stick to the… Read more »

In and Out of Port: Workers’ power in action!

Winter/Spring 2001

April 7, 1998. A date which is burnt into the memories of countless activists from all around the world. The day that Patrick Stevedores, at Webb Dock Port Melbourne, locked out its entire unionised workforce. The naked anti-union aggression was breathtaking. Security guards wearing balaclavas and with dogs, charged in to clear the docks. The… Read more »

Compañera Philippa Sandford: a rebel woman who will be deeply missed

Winter/Spring 2001

On February 15, Philippa Sandford died of cancer. At 46, she was a rebel seasoned by her lifelong instinct and passion for justice. Radical Women knew Philippa in her last years. She defied her cancer as hard as she fought for a better world. She was an optimist, a socialist, a feminist, an internationalist, a… Read more »

Anti-abortion Terror re-emerges in Melbourne

Winter/Spring 2001

Right To Life, your Name’s A Lie, goes a well-used chant against the fetus worshippers organised by a tiny band of Catholic fanatics centred on Margaret Tighe. It continues: “you don’t care if women die!” Nor ordinary workers going about their job. When, on July 16, a man of unknown identity shot and killed a… Read more »

Step Up the Fight for Reproductive Rights in Australia: Bring on the Abortion Pill!

Summer/Autumn 2001

On September 28, American women scored a great victory when the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of mifepristone (RU486). Their French and other European sisters had already been safely using the “abortion pill” for almost a decade. Women in Australia are still waiting. What’s the holdup! For ten years, anti-abortionists in… Read more »

Surma Hamid: an organiser for Iraqi women’s rights speaks out!

Summer/Autumn 2001

On November 3, the Committee in Defence of Iraqi Women’s Rights (CDIWR) put out a call to protest the mass killings of Iraqi women accused of prostitution. On orders from Saddam Hussein, women and girls are being hunted down and publicly beheaded. Accused of “dishonouring the country,” they are Saddam’s scapegoats in a ruthless campaign… Read more »