Radical Women

Gender, keyboards, and the future of U.S. labor

July 1990

Did you know that: Women comprise between forty-five and fifty percent of U.S. workers today? Sixty-seven percent of women between the ages of 18-64 now work outside the home? By the year 2000, ninety percent of new workforce entrants will be women and people of color? It’s all true — and that means a revolution-in-process… Read more »

Radical Women’s candidly revolutionary conference

July 1990

From the tenth floor of a Santa Monica hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Radical Women looked into the 1990s and smiled. This is the decade. It’s all in place. Let’s go. “The Third Wave of Feminism: A Candidly Revolutionary Approach,” was the theme of Radical Women’s 23rd anniversary conference February 17-20 in Santa Monica, California…. Read more »

Mohawk sovereignty the issue in Quebec

October 1990

Debra O’Gara of Seattle Radical Women delivered the following statement at a rally in front of the Canadian consulate in Seattle on August 30. The rally, organized by local Native American activists and RW representatives, was called to support the Mohawk nation in its confrontation with the Canadian Army in Oka, Quebec. The faceoff commenced… Read more »

Gloria Martin: six irreverent decades as a revolutionary feminist

September 1991

“When you try to reform the system, you’re going to lose. It’s only a matter of years before all the rights you gained are taken away. It just doesn’t work. The only way to make change and keep it is to have a revolution.” This is Gloria Martin, cofounder and organizer of Seattle Radical Women…. Read more »

FSPer Alaniz wins 18% of vote in first-time City Council bid

January 1992

In the middle of all the death knells for communism, how does an upfront socialist candidate win an historic number of votes? By being a real socialist, which today means being a Trotskyist; standing up for democracy and the most oppressed; being honest, practical and uncompromising over principles and – working your butt off! This… Read more »

Radical Women delegates to East Europe & Russia find anger & hope among the ruins of Stalinism

December 1993

Docekal and Weller were the representatives of Radical Women (RW) on a nine-week, seven-country tour of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Russia in early 1993. Their goals were to study the post-Stalinist political climate firsthand; meet radicals and feminists and share ideas; and establish ongoing collaboration. Adrienne Weller is a Jewish leader in the Oregon… Read more »

Judy Ross 1941-1993

March 1994

Judy Ross, a longtime lesbian and gay rights champion, died of pneumonia in Seattle, Washington on December 6, 1993, after a brave battle against cancer. She was 52 years old. Most recently, Ross had been active in the “No on 35” Committee, organized to safeguard Seattle’s domestic partnership law. Judy was deeply committed to winning… Read more »

Enlist in the International Feminist Brigade to Cuba!

July 1997

Imagine a country where the literacy rate is almost 100 percent, universities are free, and guaranteed healthcare is universal. Well, that country is Cuba. And members of the International Feminist Brigade, the first of its kind, will soon see it for themselves – in order to arm themselves to better protect the embattled island against… Read more »