Radical Women

BRIGADA FEMINISTA INTERNACIONAL: A CUBA Eyewitness to a vibrant revolution under siege

January 1998

“We believe in socialism.” Splashed colorfully across a hangar at Havana’s José Marti airport, this declaration greeted the International Feminist Brigade on Sept. 20. During our electrifying 12-day stay, Cubans everywhere echoed this sentiment even as they acknowledged the weighty problems created by the island’s economic crisis. Venturing out the first morning, a few of… Read more »

Clara Fraser: Quintessential Feminist and Revolutionary 1923-1998

April 1998

After devoting her entire being to the socialist movement, Clara Fraser died February 24 at age 74. Her commitment touched all who knew her, from her two sons and staff to longtime colleagues and the newest members of Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party, organizations she cofounded. Friends universally describe her as the Marxist… Read more »

International Women’s Solidarity Encounter in Havana: Revolutionary feminism shines at conference

July 1998

In April, Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party sent a delegation to the International Encounter of Solidarity Among Women. Debra O’Gara represented RW on the Presidium and the Political Participation Commission, and Emily Woo Yamasaki made a presentation to the Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights Workshop. Also participating were Marcel Hatch, organizer of FSP’s… Read more »

Melbourne FSP and RW expand to new headquarters

April 2001

When the branches of Radical Women (RW) and the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) in Melbourne adopted an ambitious plan in August 1999 to find and establish a public organising centre, our friends knew we meant business. And sure enough, on 8 January of this year we jubilantly collected the keys for the “new” Solidarity Salon… Read more »

A rave for Radical Women and its newly published Manifesto

July 2001

Below are excerpts from a letter that poet and organizer Nellie Wong received from Jennifer Fasulo, who heard Wong speak at a March women’s conference at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. The Manifesto Fasulo refers to is the document spelling out the political and organizational foundations of Radical Women, at last available in book form!… Read more »

¡Viva el feminismo!: Las Mujeres Radicales en Venezuela

enero de 2004

Este otoño pasado, la sección de EE.UU. de las Mujeres Radicales tuvo el honor de asistir a dos conferencias en Caracas, Venezuela, auspiciadas por la Federación Democrática Internacional de Mujeres, organización fundada en 1945, la cual hoy en día se concentra en la oposición al neoliberalismo. Laura Mannen, sindicalista y madre de Portland, Oregón, y… Read more »

¡Viva el feminismo!: Radical Women in Venezuela

January 2004

This past fall, the U.S. section of Radical Women was honored to attend two conferences in Caracas, Venezuela, sponsored by the Women’s International Democratic Federation. The WIDF is an organization founded in 1945 that today focuses on opposition to neoliberalism. Laura Mannen, a unionist and mother from Portland, Oregon, and Debra O’Gara, a Native American… Read more »