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Young Women’s Prognosis for Feminism: Alive, Kicking and Life-saving!

Summer/Autumn 2008

The Australian newspaper’s contribution to International Women’s Day this year was this article: “What young women want: Feminism is dead, or at least in desperate need of an extreme makeover.” An IWD forum launching a fight to decriminalise abortion in Victoria demonstrated anything but! Co-sponsored by Radical Women and Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights, the… Read more »

Victoria’s health workers and teachers give lessons on how to fight WorkChoices

Summer/Autumn 2008

Women workers are leading the resistance! Paid far less than their counterparts in the rest of Australia, nurses, allied health workers and teachers have ignited a spark in the union movement. They are showing other unionists, battered by Howard’s vicious anti-union legislation, the how and why of sheer defiance. Victoria’s nurses and teachers saw out… Read more »

Radical Women hosts Indigenous rabble-rouser

Winter/Spring 2007

Nellie Moore and Alison Thorne at Solidarity Salon. On 17 April, Solidarity Salon was filled with Radical Women (RW) members, supporters and new friends eager to hear Nellie Moore, a veteran fighter for Aboriginal rights. RW decided to host the gathering to pay tribute to Moore and provide a platform for her to talk about… Read more »

Water is a feminist issue

Summer/Autumn 2007

Victoria burning, Melburnians choking from the smoke, parched land everywhere. This is life in the southeast corner of the earth’s driest continent. Across the Pacific, on the U.S.-Canadian border, pre-Christmas storms flooded homes, cut power and blocked main roads. On Christmas day, post-tsunami Aceh and North Sumatra were once again under water and mud. These… Read more »

Fijian feminist Shamima Ali: Moving beyond band-aid feminism

Summer/Autumn 2007

Shamima Ali is an Indo-Fijian feminist activist who works with the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre (FWCC). She visitied Melbourne recently to participate in the Second Latin American and Asia Pacific Solidarity Gathering. Prior to the recent coup in Fiji, Alison Thorne caught up with her for Radical Women. The FWCC was established in 1984. The… Read more »

Yellow Woman Speaks by Merle Woo

Summer/Autumn 2007

Merle Woo’s poetry achieves a rare combination of substance and style. Undoubtedly political, often shocking, Yellow Woman Speaks is a pleasure to read. Her conversational, open, no-bull tone made me feel, as I turned page after page, that I was not sitting alone in my room reading, but engaged in an intense and wonderful discussion… Read more »

Two initiatives to remember Errol Wyles Junior

Summer/Autumn 2007

Poet, Amelia Walker, came up with the idea of producing a zine to pay tribute to Errol Wyles Junior after she attended a screening of Black and White Justice, hosted by the Indigenous Social Justice Association (Melbourne Supporters Group). A major issue discussed that night was the lack of public awareness of how and why… Read more »