Radical Women

Public healthcare battle in Washington state

February 2010

As Washington D.C. politicos plow ahead with healthcare “reform” that profits Big Insurance, low-cost state programs become a survival issue. Yet in the “other” Washington, state politicians slashed $238 million… Read more »

XXV Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres en Argentina

diciembre de 2010

“¡La mujer bonita es la que lucha!” Este lema captura la exuberante militancia del feminismo latinoamericano y fue estampado en las camisetas del XXV Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres celebrado del… Read more »

Why should feminists defend Julian Assange?

February 2011

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has been threatened with espionage charges, prison, torture and death in retaliation for his courageous release of thousands of classified documents that expose the lies,… Read more »

Janet Sutherland, 1933-2011

June 2011

Janet Sutherland, born in Bellingham, Wash., on Oct. 12, 1933, was a lifelong working-class partisan and a valued Freedom Socialist Party comrade for 33 years. She died in Seattle on… Read more »

Why I am a Radical Woman

October 2011

I am a first-generation Chicana, a mother and teacher, born and raised in South Los Angeles. I also happen to be a socialist feminist, an atheist, and a queer, whose… Read more »