Reproductive Rights

La guerra sigilosa: los hospitales Católicos contra la salud reproductiva

agosto de 2019

En las instalaciones médicas católicas se está librando un asalto silencioso a la salud de las mujeres. Puede ser tan obvio como el personal que dice que “no hacemos abortos electivos” o tan insidioso como no proporcionar evaluaciones médicas completas y precisas, ni opciones de tratamiento a los futuros padres La defensora de los derechos… Read more »

Fully paid maternity leave now! Women must not fund motherhood

Winter/Spring 2002

Australia and the United States are the only two wealthy countries which do not provide a national paid maternity leave scheme. Compare this to Haiti and Jamaica, where women not only have this right, but employers pay for it! The lack of paid leave means that for two-thirds of working women, the “choice” is simple:… Read more »

Assisted Reproductive Technology: The new pro-choice battleground

Summer/Autumn 2002

It seems the Liberals’ desire for Australian women to have more babies only applies to some women! During the last Federal election campaign, Prime Minister John Howard announced plans to introduce a baby bonus tax incentive to reward women who have a baby and then give up work in order to stay home and look… Read more »