Healthcare privatization is killing us!

October 2000

Healthcare is an issue that crosses all classes and boundaries. A number of polls conducted in various parts of the country show that the right to adequate care when we are sick is the number one concern of the vast majority of Canadians. In Canada we are mindful of our poor brothers and sisters in… Read more »

AIDS in Africa: Bush’s bogus plan

August 2004

As AIDS wreaks devastation on the African continent, imagine a health service organization that’s reluctant to give out condoms to people who are HIV-positive but instead seeks to stem HIV transmission by promoting abstinence and monogamy. Welcome to the world of PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief), George W.’s “feel good” proposal rolled out… Read more »

Whose uterus? A reality check

February 2005

• A November 2004 spending bill blocks federal funds to federal, state or local agencies that require hospitals, insurers or HMOs to provide abortion services, information or referrals. • A judge in Spokane, Washington, revoked a woman’s uncontested divorce because she was pregnant. Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1/1/05. • Over 80 percent of “abstinence only” programs (which… Read more »

Australia: Confronting the patriarchs of church and state

February 2005

Last October, as soon as the reelected ultra-conservative government of Prime Minister John Howard was sworn in, feminists’ worst fears began to materialise. A war on abortion, commanded by Minister for Health Tony Abbott, is now in full swing. Other main figures in the anti-choice crusade are Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson, Governor General Michael… Read more »