AIDS/HIV care: still a shame and a scandal

June 2007

Twenty years ago, when ACT UP and other activists hit the scene to demand progress against HIV/AIDS, little was known about the diseases. Today, thanks in large part to those early fighters, understanding is much greater, and the scourge is potentially very controllable. In the U.S., the number of HIV/AIDS deaths has been declining since… Read more »

Care for the mentally ill sinks back 100 years

August 2009

Walk the streets of any city in the U. S. and you will see them. Homeless, mentally ill people, filthy and dressed in rags, screaming obscenities at invisible assailants or mumbling to themselves, responding to voices only they hear. Pick up a newspaper in one of these cities and you are likely to read about… Read more »

Single-payer: a healthy start

April 2009

Working people in the U.S. have long demanded changes to a medical system that places private profit before their health needs. But now that the failing capitalist economy itself is requiring more and more life support, cries for healthcare reform are getting louder even from the big corporations themselves. What big business wants and what… Read more »

Labor splits over healthcare

June 2009

This is the second of two articles on healthcare reform. Part one, entitled Single-payer: a healthy start, appeared in the April-May 2009 issue of the FS. Everybody acknowledges there is a healthcare crisis in the U.S. Nurses and other medical workers see the problems every day. And this is propelling them into leadership of a… Read more »

The Healthcare Bait and Switch

October 2009

Candidate Obama’s promise to reform healthcare lit a torch of hope for millions of people. No more postponing doctor visits or feeling helpless before unaffordable medical bills. But meaningful change is not at hand. In his Sept. 9 speech before Congress, President Obama issued a passionate defense of for-profit healthcare. Yet this is precisely the… Read more »

Democrats trade women’s abortion rights

December 2009

Democrats too conniving for principled politics and too bought-off by the insurance and pharmaceutical industry have relegated women to the status of a poker chip. In return for a handful of votes, they slithered from compromise to outright betrayal of women’s access to abortion in the recently passed House bill on healthcare reform. At the… Read more »

The truth about socialism

December 2009

Q. Is Barack Obama a socialist? A. A major clue that President Obama is not a socialist is that Fox News says he is. Another aha! moment is his unqualified endorsement of the historic, multi-trillion-dollar bailout of the capitalist “entrepreneurs” — risk-takers all! — who nearly crashed the economic system a year ago. Never mind… Read more »

Healthcare: the incredible shrinking public option

December 2009

Fifty million people in the U.S. lack healthcare; 18 thousand die every year because of it. Other industrialized countries have universal coverage, yet costs in the U.S. are more than twice the average. Intensifying public outrage over this situation forced the present drive for healthcare reform. President Obama and Congress responded, but the result is… Read more »

Public healthcare battle in Washington state

February 2010

As Washington D.C. politicos plow ahead with healthcare “reform” that profits Big Insurance, low-cost state programs become a survival issue. Yet in the “other” Washington, state politicians slashed $238 million from one such program — Basic Health. Thousands of people have already been forced off the program. In 2010, Governor Christine Gregoire’s plan for balancing… Read more »

Proyectos de ley de cuidado de salud rancios y atorados en el Congreso

abril de 2010

“Americanos con y sin seguro médico pierden sus hogares y su sustento porque no pueden costearse el cuidado médico”, expresa iracundo el Dr. Samuel Metz de Mad as Hell Doctors. “Ya es hora de dar prioridad a la salud de 300 millones de americanos antes que al bienestar financiero de 1,100 compañías de seguro médico.”… Read more »