Single-payer: a healthy start

April 2009

Working people in the U.S. have long demanded changes to a medical system that places private profit before their health needs. But now that the failing capitalist economy itself is… Read more »

Labor splits over healthcare

June 2009

This is the second of two articles on healthcare reform. Part one, entitled Single-payer: a healthy start, appeared in the April-May 2009 issue of the FS. Everybody acknowledges there is… Read more »

The Healthcare Bait and Switch

October 2009

Candidate Obama’s promise to reform healthcare lit a torch of hope for millions of people. No more postponing doctor visits or feeling helpless before unaffordable medical bills. But meaningful change… Read more »

The truth about socialism

December 2009

Q. Is Barack Obama a socialist? A. A major clue that President Obama is not a socialist is that Fox News says he is. Another aha! moment is his unqualified… Read more »

Public healthcare battle in Washington state

February 2010

As Washington D.C. politicos plow ahead with healthcare “reform” that profits Big Insurance, low-cost state programs become a survival issue. Yet in the “other” Washington, state politicians slashed $238 million… Read more »