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Disgusted Doctors Strike New York City Public Hospitals

Spring 1979

Angry interns and residents struck nine New York City hospitals for 24 hours in a massive January protest against city cutbacks in public health services. This was the first public hospital strike in the city’s history. The Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR), a union representing 4,000 house-staff doctors, has been pressing to include patient… Read more »

Ripping off the elderly

Spring 1981

Running, dodging and trembling for their lives, elderly and handicapped women and men find themselves combatants on a daily battlefront. All-too-easy targets for rapists, con artists, glib salesmen, smalltime hoodlums and delinquent children, the aged also fall victim to cruel and greedy relatives, the thievery of health insurance companies, and doctors who overmedicate and overcharge…. Read more »

The right to abortion

Summer 1982

The dearly-won freedom to choose a safe, legal, and inexpensive abortion may soon be disastrously reversed. Not even ten years have passed since the feminist movement won back this precious and ancient practice. How swiftly has the unholy trinity of church, state, and Big Business retaliated with its regressive crusade to wipe out women’s reproductive… Read more »

Racist exclusion at abortion rally

Spring 1983

An unholy combination of liberals and pseudo-radicals made sure that the speakers’ platform was reserved for Whites Only at Seattle’s January 22 abortion rights rally. The rally was held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the U.S. Native American feminist and well known abortion rights activist, Margaret… Read more »

Management is dangerous to your health

Spring 1983

For 4 and 1/2 years, workers at Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have fought for the right to organize and to bargain for decent wages and working conditions. And for 4 and 1/2 years, management has drawn on every known union-busting tactic in an effort to smash them. The Center, already cited in 1979… Read more »

No reliance on the FBI: Community defense of abortion rights

Summer 1985

As harassment and violence against abortion clinics accelerate, it’s clear that an aggressive feminist response to the anti-abortion forces is urgently needed. The “pro-life” terrorists must be stopped before they strip us of our constitutional rights. The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women support the National Organization for Women’s call for a national campaign in… Read more »

Karen Brodine: Poet, Feminist, Revolutionary, 1947–1987

February 1988

o body swayed to music. o brightening glance. How can we know the dancer — W.B. Yeats Karen Brodine was barely 40 years old when she died of cancer on October 18, 1987. Her death was a tragedy, an abrupt and unnatural end to a dynamic, productive life. Her death was unnecessary: cancer killed her… Read more »

Poems by Karen Brodine: By Fire or by Water

September 1991

1. February 1986 Dreams this terrible week. Su and I are standing on an open porch waiting for people to arrive. In every direction, a pure and fierce and gentle snow is falling. I’m dancing a kind of waltz-polka, faster, faster, till I spin off from my partner, off balance, careening. A tiny dog yaps… Read more »

Clinton healthcare plan protects profits by rationing services

July 1993

The Democrats tell us they’ll fix the crisis-racked healthcare system. But a close look at their plan, managed competition, proves this is just another empty promise. The D.C. elite wants to pretend the problem is limited to high costs and the lack of coverage for 37 million people. But that’s only a small part of… Read more »

Clinton’s war on welfare mothers

October 1994

A few years back, when then Vice President Dan Quayle blamed single mothers like TV’s Murphy Brown for every problem imaginable, he seemed out of touch. Today his ideas have become establishment “wisdom.” President Clinton helped popularize them in a February State of the Union sermon against “the breakdown of the family,” an event which… Read more »