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Australia throws jobless to mercy of corporate agencies

October 1995

Australians are constantly bombarded with the analysis that tiny decreases in unemployment figures mean the economy is growing, even though hundreds of thousands of workers have been fired in recent years. I lost my community service job two years ago when government funding was cut. Those of us in the crowded social security queues, supplementing… Read more »

Rise of HMOs brings decline in healthcare and job conditions

October 1995

I’ve been privatized! I work at the Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU), formerly a state agency. In July, we left the state system and became a public corporation with a board of directors “just like any modem business,” as its boosters like to say. Now we are freed from state regulations and standards. More of… Read more »

“Miracle drugs” no solution to AIDS crisis

July 1997

THE END OF AIDS? Has a cure been found? That’s what Newsweek and the UPI would have us believe. Well, don’t uncork the champagne just yet. Although the hope on the horizon is dazzlingly real, AIDS still remains a terminal condition for the vast majority. And the reasons for this have to do as much… Read more »

AIDS prevention activists threatened with jail

April 1999

In the U.S., AIDS is the leading killer of Latinos and African Americans between the ages of 25 and 44. Half of those deaths are injection related. Obviously, clean needle exchange programs are vital in the war against AIDS. Unfortunately, the U.S. government’s racist War against Drugs is sabotaging these programs. In May 1998, police… Read more »

Norplant & Depo-Provera

October 1999

The callous, deadly, and racist disregard that the U.S. government and medical and pharmaceutical industries have always shown for the health and reproductive rights of women, especially those who are of color, poor, or young, is back on display with a vengeance. Despite an ample record of appalling side effects, the drugs Norplant and Depo-Provera… Read more »

What’s Up, Doc? Unions!

January 2000

While a fraction of U.S. physicians are megabuck entrepreneurs, nearly half of the nation’s doctors work for a salary. As the corporate model spreads through medicine — invading the public sector and teaching hospitals — stagnant salaries and escalating productivity quotas have convinced a growing number of MDs it’s time to unionize. By mid-1999, three… Read more »

U.S. Healthcare Needs Radical Surgery: Socialized Medicine Is the Cure for Heartless HMOs and Drug Companies

January 2000

In the six years since U.S. President Clinton promised to deliver universal healthcare, the ranks of the uninsured have swelled from 37 to 44.3 million individuals. In 1997 alone, 675,000 people, 62 percent of them children, lost medical coverage as a result of welfare “reform.” The prognosis for people who do have coverage hasn’t improved,… Read more »

Healthcare privatization is killing us!

October 2000

Healthcare is an issue that crosses all classes and boundaries. A number of polls conducted in various parts of the country show that the right to adequate care when we are sick is the number one concern of the vast majority of Canadians. In Canada we are mindful of our poor brothers and sisters in… Read more »