Public health

After SARS: working class and democratic struggle revives in Hong Kong

Winter/Spring 2003

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), like cholera and most other diseases, arises as a consequence of the conditions of poverty. In this instance, from the initial transference of the disease from wild animal markets into the slum conditions created by capitalism in Guangdong — where 40% of China’s manufacturing is based. Now diners are back… Read more »

Privatisation hits home – Women bear the burden of under-funded services

Winter/Spring 1999

“Community care.” It has such a nice ring to it: society’s thrown-away people being brought back into community life, no longer shut away in large, impersonal and uncaring institutions. But do we believe for one minute that the State has emptied its publicly-funded institutions because it cares? Of course not!

Launching the Public Sector Fightback

Summer 1988

We must all encourage and build the leadership of the most oppressed within the struggle. This task is all to clear in the public sector where, in many industries, women are a clear majority yet, almost without exception, we are, as a group, at the bottom of the heap.