The general strike in US history: What it is and why it’s still needed

June 2011

Read our more recent article on the subject of general strikes: “The General Strike: vital tool of workers’ power” During a protest on the evening that Wisconsin’s state senate passed its notorious union-busting bill, many union members and their supporters chanted “general strike!” They were not just venting about assaults on wages, benefits, and union… Read more »

Janet Sutherland, 1933-2011

June 2011

Janet Sutherland, born in Bellingham, Wash., on Oct. 12, 1933, was a lifelong working-class partisan and a valued Freedom Socialist Party comrade for 33 years. She died in Seattle on May 9. A high school English teacher for four decades, she was revered by many students long after graduation. A core staffer of the early… Read more »

Leon Trotsky and the power of ideas

October 2011

Marxists are often accused of being crass materialists because they emphasize material reality as the foundation for everything else: social relations, culture, individual psychology, and so on. Still, Marxists do believe that ideas can change the world. It helps if they are the right ideas! The more correctly ideas explain the world, the more power… Read more »

Oakland students choose to name building for radical poet Nellie Wong

December 2011

Oakland, Calif., home of the November 2011 Occupy movement general strike, is a 
town that strongly believes in celebrating its working class roots. So it’s no surprise that revolutionary feminist poet and activist Nellie Wong, born in Oakland’s Chinatown in 1934, was chosen to have a building named after her at Oakland High. Usually people… Read more »