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Gimme shelter: A radical, practical plan to address the housing crisis

October 2017

Homelessness is one thing shared by many full-time workers, the newly unemployed, and those displaced by gentrification. Homelessness soars in cities and towns across the U.S. and millions more are at risk of losing their homes. Right to the City, a national alliance founded to oppose gentrification and fight displacement of the poor, calls today’s… Read more »

As homelessness soars in Los Angeles, politicians pretend to care

October 2016

Yes. LA has a housing and homelessness problem. No news there. And it’s probably not news that many solutions are continually rejected by politicians and developers — capitalists all! The problems are myriad. Thrust onto the cement by sky-rocketing rents, foreclosures and evictions, homeless people routinely face the indignities of life without walls, where nothing… Read more »

Durham-López campaign statement: Housing is a right, not a luxury

August 17, 2012

The powers-that-be say that owning your own home is the “American Dream” — but it’s been a bad dream, even a nightmare, for far too many households. Since the latest depression began five years ago, millions of jobs have been lost. To make life even more difficult, a staggering number of homes have been taken… Read more »