immigrant rights

New president, old immigration policy

October 2009

Some prominent immigrant rights organizations sincerely hoped that electing Obama would turn things around for immigrants. But those hopes were misplaced. Obama’s policies mirror those of his predecessors: more raids, detentions, and deportations; more roadblocks to citizenship; and more pandering to the right wing. Fortunately, though, the cause of immigrants rights is still alive at… Read more »

“Reforma” migratoria — los anteproyectos federales ameritan más protestas que la ley racista de Arizona

junio de 2010

En abril, Arizona aprobó su discriminatoria ley de migración SB 1070 y 20 días después prohibió los estudios étnicos en las escuelas. Desde entonces se ha producido un pandemonio. El anteproyecto del Senado 1070 exige que la policía determine la condición migratoria de cualquiera que “sospeche” de no tener papeles. Esto lógicamente provoca que la… Read more »

Federal immigration “reform” deserve same protests as racist Arizona law

June 2010

Arizona passed its discriminatory immigration law SB 1070 in April, and 20 days later banned ethnic studies in schools. Since then all hell has broken loose. Senate Bill 1070 requires police to determine the immigration status of anyone they “suspect” lacks legal standing. This guarantees that people of color and those with Spanish accents will… Read more »

Countering tea party arguments: Quick answers to main questions

June 2010

With trillions of tax dollars going to corporate bailouts, millions of people losing homes and housing, and sky-high unemployment, there’s good reason to be angry. Recent polls report that most people think the U.S. is moving in the wrong direction. But what’s the right direction? Tea party protesters get exhaustive media coverage on their replies…. Read more »

Obama visit draws ire of immigrants and others

October 2010

Local immigrant right’s organizations, angry over the increase in deportations under the Obama administration, organized hundreds to protest the president’s visit to Seattle on Aug. 17. The multiracial crowd of immigrants, unionists, feminists, progressives, and leftists easily outnumbered tea party supporters by at least 4 to 1. Demands on Obama included a call to overturn… Read more »

Anti-immigrant laws — and opposition to them — spread across the country

October 2010

Economic crisis fuels racist scapgoating. Arizona’s legislative broadside against immigrants triggered a nationwide tsunami of similar proposals. A network of xenophobes churned out legislation and called for constitutional change — accompanied by racist stereotypes of Latino immigrants — aimed at marginalizing over 12 million working people. But, in defiance of racist apartheid, massive opposition from… Read more »

FBI target Hatem Abudayyeh defends the right to dissent

April 2011

On Sept. 24, 2010, the FBI raided the homes of anti-war and socialist activists, including that of Hatem Abudayyeh and his family. Soon after the raids the FBI subpoenaed Hatem and 22 other people in the Midwest to appear before a federal grand jury impaneled in Chicago. So far, all have invoked their Fifth Amendment… Read more »