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Locking up immigrants for profit: a case of human trafficking

October 2017

On what planet does a system with a declining prison population suddenly need a bunch of new jails? One where the prisons are privately run for profit and the only thing needed to make money is to fill them up. What happens when prison populations drop? That’s easy, profits fall. The solution? Find a way… Read more »

Tiempo de unidad

junio de 2017

La defensa del movimiento laboral es crítica para los trabajadores inmigrantes

Time for unity

June 2017

Labor defense is crucial for immigrant workers.

Take a righteous stand against Trump’s police-state deportation orders

February 21, 2017

The Freedom Socialist Party denounces Donald Trump’s Feb. 21 outrageous, inhumane deportation orders, commits itself to defend immigrants of whatever status in every way possible, and urges others to do the same. Trump directed these orders to be enforced against any and all of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants that federal agents or local… Read more »

The Big Apple bites back

February 2017

Feb. 2, New York City: Yemeni-American bodega strike to protest Trump’s travel ban. Recent demonstrations against Trump’s immigration policies prove that New York, a city of immigrants, is not to be messed with. Thousands have poured out to protest “President Agent Orange” in demonstrations across the city, including a powerful bodega (read, convenience store) shutdown… Read more »

May Day 2017: The giant stands up

April 2017

When I was about 11 and picking beans with other school kids and farmworker families near Salem, Oregon, the farmer did us wrong. The field was already picked over before we got there and the farmer lowered the amount paid per pound. So the farmworkers encouraged us kids to walk off the job with them…. Read more »

Immigrants lead the way for all workers

May 1, 2017

May Day 2017 general strike It took guts for immigrants to mobilize for today’s general strike against the escalated attacks on their rights and those of all workers. Union janitors outraged about ICE raids and the criminalization of the Black community voted first to walk out, followed by cafeteria workers and other unions. Immigrant women… Read more »