Vaccine distribution fiasco

April 2021

Who gets it and who doesn’t? What the Covid vaccine process proves beyond any rational doubt is the need for public healthcare.

Biden’s Cabinet

February 2021

A new coat of paint, but same old war hawks and swindlers: some nitty-gritty facts.

Hunger, evictions and scorn

February 2021

The facts on who’s hit hardest by the recession and lack of relief. What’s needed? Community and labor groups organizing together.

Un programa tipo Robin Hood para la supervivencia de la clase trabajadora

febrero de 2021

Hay que quitarles a los ricos y al Pentágono … Hay que expropiar a las grandes farmacéuticas y nacionalizar a toda la industria de la salud bajo el control de los trabajadores. No debe haber “estímulo” para los multimillonarios y las empresas Fortune 500. Hay que cancelar los rescates del 2020 de Wall Street, los… Read more »

Fred Hyde — on a mission to change the world

February 2021

Profile of a revolutionary lawyer and unionist, offering inspiration for Hyde’s own generation of baby-boomer activists and for newer rebels waging the good fight.

Former Black Panther freed, but still harassed

February 2021

Jahil Muntaqim, paroled after 50 years in prison, is being beleaguered by cops and charged with “registering to vote.” Do sign the online petition to drop the charges.