Exposing the greedy bastards who prey on poor people

October 2020

The current coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the sharp inequities in our country. Due to lack of medical care, overcrowded living arrangements and heightened exposure to illness through their essential, front-line labor, poor people (all races, but disproportionately Black and brown ) face the greatest burdens. One would think our most at-risk residents — children, elders… Read more »

Public healthcare: the cure is in our hands

June 2020

Dr. Susan Williams’ searing critique of privatized healthcare shows why a nationalized system under workers’ control is the “only option that makes sense.”

Low-wage workers rebel against abuse

June 2020

Essential and angry! Overwhelmed workers, most of them underpaid women, immigrants and people of color, are bringing unions and communities together in protest.

Farmworkers in daily peril

June 2020

Trump wants to cut the already low wages of immigrants in the U.S. as “guest workers,” after bailing out their agribusiness bosses with a $16 billion stimulus.

Bailouts rob the public to give to the rich

June 2020

“The bipartisan idea of ‘the economy’ is Wall Street. But that’s not the real-life economy of poor and working folks who need rent money, food, healthcare, education, and safe workplaces.”