Public healthcare: the cure is in our hands

June 2020

Dr. Susan Williams’ searing critique of privatized healthcare shows why a nationalized system under workers’ control is the “only option that makes sense.”

Low-wage workers rebel against abuse

June 2020

Essential and angry! Overwhelmed workers, most of them underpaid women, immigrants and people of color, are bringing unions and communities together in protest.

Farmworkers in daily peril

June 2020

In the middle of an historic pandemic, the government has rightly declared farmworkers essential to the food supply chain. As a former farmworker, I know it takes hard labor to plant and process the food that feeds everyone. Immigrants do most of this work. But documented or undocumented, the U.S. has never treated them as… Read more »

Bailouts rob the public to give to the rich

June 2020

“The bipartisan idea of ‘the economy’ is Wall Street. But that’s not the real-life economy of poor and working folks who need rent money, food, healthcare, education, and safe workplaces.”

Las causas de la crisis de migrantes en México y Guatemala

abril de 2020

Hay más de una forma de crear un muro fronterizo. Se puede construir con acero y cemento o con políticas de inmigración tan retorcidas que socavan la solidaridad humana. Este es el muro más fuerte que Trump está construyendo. La administración republicana, como la demócrata anteriormente, está tratando de empujar a los migrantes en la… Read more »