US sanctions block aid and wreak havoc

June 2020

USA sanctions against numerous countries are designed to cripple nations economically that defy US dictates. They constitute warfare on civilians, especially the poorest and most oppressed.

Trump sends warships in bid to unseat Maduro

June 2020

Long-suffering Venezuelan workers want neither a U.S. takeover nor Maduro’s dictatorial rule.
What they need is international solidarity to counteract U.S. military threats and sanctions.

Informe de Argentina: la cuarentena, la pobreza y la represión provocan protestas y huelgas

junio de 2020

María Álvarez es una trabajadora sanitaria de primera línea en Buenos Aires y fundadora del Partido Socialismo y Libertad, un afiliado del Comité la Reagrupación Internacional Revolucionaria (CRIR). El 20 de marzo el presidente Alberto Fernández decretó la cuarentena para evitar el colapso sanitario por la propagación del coronavirus. Transitaba entonces su tercer mes de… Read more »

Educate, agitate, and organize

June 2020

Freedom Socialist Party members join co-workers to fight for safety and economic security while FSP offers Marxist feminist analysis of the pandemic and response to it.

Shout out to intrepid women warriors

June 2020

The global upsurge of feminist organizing the past few years is stunning. Numerous organizations across the Americas, Europe and beyond are in border-busting collaboration.

Arctic Sami people assert territorial control

April 2020

After more than a decade slugging it out through the legal system, the Sami people have secured exclusive rights to determine who could hunt and fish in part of their ancestral territory.