Fuel prices — an incendiary global issue

August 2022

Corporate profits and oligarchs, not scarcity, are the main cause of gas hikes worldwide. Rebellion and a publicly-owned energy industry worldwide is the answer.

World Beat

August 2022

Sparks fly between China and U.S. over Taiwan; A landslide victory for reaction in the Philippines; Revolution betrayed in Nicaragua.

The truth about microcredit

August 2022

A feel-good neoliberal fairy tale that is to be smoke and mirrors. In reality, poor people in Latin America and Africa are preyed upon these predatory lenders.

Fix Victoria’s bail laws now!

June 2, 2022

“It’s absolutely time to expose Victoria’s bail laws for what they are: a very profitable pipeline to prison.”

Academics fortify boycott of Israel

June 2022

Good news! The U.S. Middle East Studies Association has voted to join other scholars refusing to collaborate with Israel’s military occupation.

Labor fightback news

June 2022

Fired tortilla chip makers in Chicago demand jobs back; rising costs fuel a teacher strike in North Macedonia; young mechanics organize in Portland, Oregon.