Nigerian fury at naked police violence

December 2020

Huge anti-government protests have rocked Africa’s most populous nation over its notorious police group, SARS, with protests erupting in support in the U.S. and England.

As Sahara grows, Africa’s land and people suffer

April 2017

Planet Earth is changing in many perilous ways. One of the most damaging shifts is desertification, which is essentially the expansion of barren desert climates. Nowhere is this desolation a more serious crisis than in the Sahel region of Africa, the latitudinal zone where the Sahara Desert gradually transitions to the tropical climates of the… Read more »

Durham-López campaign statement: Labor Day 2012 – Stand in solidarity with the Lonmin miners of South Africa

August 31, 2012

This Labor Day, we honor the 34 South African platinum miners so recently killed in cold blood by police while fighting for decent wages and safe working conditions. They were among 3,000 rock drill operators at the Lonmin-owned mine in Marikana who went out on a wildcat strike under the banner of an independent union,… Read more »

Let us return to the source! In quest of a humanism for the 21st century

February 11, 2010

Alexander is a long-time Trotskyist socialist who was imprisoned with Mandela and is a leader of the Workers Organization for Socialist Action (South Africa) in Cape Town. This address was delivered on the occasion of the Annual Sipho Maseko Memorial Lecture, University of the Western Cape, 8 October 2009. I It was with much pleasure… Read more »

National Women’s Liberation Conference held in London’s City University

Spring 1977

London, April 11 — 3,000 women were drawn from all parts of the United Kingdom for the tenth National Women’s Liberation Conference held in London’s City University on the weekend of April 1-3. The conference voted overwhelmingly to “condemn the continuing violation of human rights in Chile and Argentina” and to demand “the release of… Read more »

South Africans blast Apartheid at Canadian conference

Summer 1977

Apartheid, the nakedly inhuman, hellish system of institutionalized white supremacy in every social sphere, is crumbling under a wave of militant protest and virtual war waged by the ruthlessly exploited and disinherited Black Africans. The mass struggle against apartheid and the necessity for international support were the subjects of a recent Canadian conference, “Southern Africa:… Read more »

Apartheid Agony in South Africa

Fall 1977

The fanatically racist Vorster regime has unleashed a reign of terror against Black militancy in South Africa. During October, thousands were arrested, hundreds imprisoned indefinitely without trial under the notorious Terrorism Act, eighteen Black organizations liquidated, and two major Black newspapers closed. This pogrom revealed the extraordinary desperation of a doomed regime in the face… Read more »