Summer 1978

The Ethiopian regime remains embattled on two major fronts. Routed by victorious nationalist rebels in Eritrea, the Ethiopian army is preparing to re-enter Eritrea, Ethiopia’s annexed northern territory. Simultaneously, the Ogaden region is still in dispute, despite the withdrawal of Somalian forces in March. Somalian guerrillas have accelerated their struggle against Ethiopian-directed Cuban and Soviet… Read more »


Summer 1978

Zimbabwe A phony pact promising Black rule but preserving white power is defied by guerrillas, who vow to wage revolutionary war until the Black majority triumphs. Last March, beneath the imposing portrait of imperialist Cecil Rhodes, three cautious Black nationalists signed an “internal settlement” with Prime Minister Ian Smith of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), betraying their people’s… Read more »


Fall 1978

The Belgian Congo has a new name, Zaire, but the same old imperialists are scurrying, around trying to prop up dictator Mobutu’s tottering regime. When the well organized, highly disciplined guerrilla forces of the Congo National Liberation Front (FNLC) struck mineral-rich Shaba (Katanga) province last May, international headlines suppressed news of revolution and screamed “Whites… Read more »

Missionaries in Africa: God, glory and gold

Winter 1978

Religion has long been America’s most civil servant. Our nationalistic heritage only tolerates objectivity about the political role of religion when the events are untouchably remote in time. Hence, only now do historians, diplomats, journalists, and even ministers feel free to speak of the devilish 3-G’s of past Western colonialism: God, Glory, and Gold. And… Read more »

International roundup: Iran, Cuba, Ireland, Namibia, Afghanistan

Fall 1979

Iran Save Iranian Trotskyists A tidal wave of repression launched by the Khomeini/Bazargan government of Iran has resulted in the executions of at least 70 Kurdish leaders and an unknown number of women and gays. Thousands of anti-Shah fighters, including 14 members of the Trotskyist Iranian Socialist Workers Party (HKS), have been imprisoned. Twelve of… Read more »

The truth about South Africa: Interview with a rebel

Spring 1980

What is the Union of Black Journalists? The first Union of Black Journalists came into existence in 1973 because Black journalists weren’t allowed into the white unions. We forced management recognition and obtained some improvements for Black workers. In 1976, the Soweto students rose up in revolt. Violence began with the police, but the students… Read more »

International Roundup: Poland, El Salvador, Zimbabwe, Iran

Summer/Fall 1980

Poland Down with the privileges of the bureaucracy! Down with Stakhanovism! Down with the Soviet aristocracy and its ranks and orders! Greater equality of wages for all forms of labor! The struggle for the freedom of the trade unions and the factory committees, for the right of assembly and freedom of the press, will unfold… Read more »

International Roundup — Greece, Ireland, Namibia

Spring 1982

Greece Hot on the heels of the French Socialist Party victory in May 1981, and amid massive anti-NATO demonstrations that swept Western Europe last fall, Greece’s social democratic Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) jolted world imperialism with its October electoral victory over the rightwing New Democracy Party (NDP). Backed by small industrialists, businessmen, farmers, and much… Read more »

South Africa – Nation on Fire

Summer 1985

Massive waves of rebellion in South Africa, increasing in force since August 1984, now threaten the foundations of apartheid as never before. South Africa is aflame from Capetown to the Transvaal. The Black majority is rising nationwide for racial justice and economic equality. But Pretoria cannot and will not meet these demands. The country is… Read more »

Apartheid: Bringing the struggle home

August 1986

The war against apartheid raged in 1985 as South African freedom fighters stepped up their strikes, demonstrations and assaults against the white police state and utterly defied the government to stop them. With blow upon blow, South African Blacks hammered home their unconditional demands for racial and political equality-demands that can only be won through… Read more »