South Africa – Nation on Fire

Summer 1985

Massive waves of rebellion in South Africa, increasing in force since August 1984, now threaten the foundations of apartheid as never before. South Africa is aflame from Capetown to the Transvaal. The Black majority is rising nationwide for racial justice and economic equality. But Pretoria cannot and will not meet these demands. The country is… Read more »

Apartheid: Bringing the struggle home

August 1986

The war against apartheid raged in 1985 as South African freedom fighters stepped up their strikes, demonstrations and assaults against the white police state and utterly defied the government to stop them. With blow upon blow, South African Blacks hammered home their unconditional demands for racial and political equality-demands that can only be won through… Read more »

South Africa Eye-witness Account: Storm over Natal

October 1990

Teri Bach, author of this article, is a trade unionist and member of the Employee Committee for Equal Rights at City Light (CERCL), which fights race and sex discrimination at the Seattle utility. She was the first woman to become a journey-level lineworker in the U.S. Since she returned from South Africa, Inkatha and hired-thug… Read more »

South Africa: so much to celebrate, so far to go

June 1994

A DAY HAS ARRIVED that most South Africans and millions of justice-seekers around the world hoped they would live to see: the fall of formal apartheid. IT WAS A LONG, BITTER, bloody road home for South Africa’s 30 million Blacks. The prisons, mines, and shantytowns are full of the ghosts of those who gave everything… Read more »

World Beat

January 1995

SOUTH AFRICA Strike wave challenges pro-business ANC policies Since the 1994 elections, the African National Congress has pursued a course that is betraying the poor urban and rural Blacks and other workers who brought it to power. Instead of taking the bold steps necessary to meet the demands of this constituency for jobs, improved living… Read more »

World Beat

July 1996

MIDDLE EAST U.S. supports and benefits from ongoing Israeli atrocities U.S. defense contractors may turn out to be the prime beneficiaries of the merciless 16-day pounding that Israeli bombs rained on Lebanon in April, killing scores of people, including 105 refugees in a UN camp near the village of Qana. The Clinton administration refused to… Read more »

World Beat

January 1997

ZAIRE INTERVENTION DESIGNED TO SAFEGUARD NEO-COLONIAL INTERESTS Mobutu Sese Seko, the CIA-installed dictator of Zaire, is in trouble –and that means trouble for the imperialists who rely on him to safeguard their interests in this resource-rich country, the world’s largest producer of industrial diamonds. Formerly the Belgian Congo, Zaire won independence in 1960, and radical… Read more »

“Peacekeeping” means murder, racism, and rape

April 1997

WHAT STARTEDOUT for years ago as a story about the murders of two Somalis by Canadian troops during the 1992-1993 “peacekeeping” mission has turned into an ever-broadening indictment of a military drenched from the top down in jingoism, racism, sexism, and ties to organized Nazism. Despite massive official stonewalling and cover-up, the brutal, imperialist essence… Read more »

One more dictator falls, and a struggle continues

July 1997

After 32 years of Despotic rule and multi-billion-dollar plunder in Zaire, CIA-installed dictator Mobutu Sese Seko has been vanquished at last. Led by Laurent Kabila, who called himself a Marxist in his younger days, the rebel forces swept through the country to an enthusiastic welcome in the capital, Kinshasa. In the months before Mobutu’s fall,… Read more »

World Beat

April 2000

CONGO Unfinished business of liberation fuels renewed civil war With civil war once again rending the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), the United Nations Security Council voted at the end of February to increase the U.N. presence there to 5,500 “peacekeepers,” ostensibly to help enforce a seven-month-old stillborn cease-fire agreement. Given the history of… Read more »