Apartheid Agony in South Africa

Fall 1977

The fanatically racist Vorster regime has unleashed a reign of terror against Black militancy in South Africa. During October, thousands were arrested, hundreds imprisoned indefinitely without trial under the notorious… Read more »


Spring 1978

Nearly one thousand miles south of Suez lies Ethiopia, a tormented country on the east coast of Africa, close to the Red Sea. Two other areas actually flank the crucial… Read more »


Summer 1978

The Ethiopian regime remains embattled on two major fronts. Routed by victorious nationalist rebels in Eritrea, the Ethiopian army is preparing to re-enter Eritrea, Ethiopia’s annexed northern territory. Simultaneously, the… Read more »


Summer 1978

Zimbabwe A phony pact promising Black rule but preserving white power is defied by guerrillas, who vow to wage revolutionary war until the Black majority triumphs. Last March, beneath the… Read more »


Fall 1978

The Belgian Congo has a new name, Zaire, but the same old imperialists are scurrying, around trying to prop up dictator Mobutu’s tottering regime. When the well organized, highly disciplined… Read more »

Missionaries in Africa: God, glory and gold

Winter 1978

Religion has long been America’s most civil servant. Our nationalistic heritage only tolerates objectivity about the political role of religion when the events are untouchably remote in time. Hence, only… Read more »